Watch out - I'm coming through!!

Watch out - I'm coming through!!

Did what I think will be my final "race" (10K) for this year - so I did 2x10Ks and 1xHM during these early months of 2016 - it will start to warmup here shortly so I am going to follow a Heart rate based training programme for the rest of the year and early summer next year with LOTS of easy running :)

I managed to knock 2mins 30secs off my earlier 10K PB - but did so at a slightly lower average HR and this run was harder because of some hills.

I came 870th out of 1279 finishers :) - but I note that I was only ranked 903rd at the halfway point - so that must mean I overtook 33 runners in the second 5K??

If this race had been in 3 months time, I would have come 4th out of 10 runners in the male 70-79 age category - as it was I was only 25th out of 37 in the Male 60-69YO. Is running the only sport where you look forward to getting older???

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  • He he, I know what you mean Bazza, I do Parkrun sometimes with Madge, I noticed last time I got a better age grade than her even though we finished pretty much together. Previously we got the same, so I must have gone into another band.

    Well done your PB xx

  • Ha ha, I was thinking that as I will soon be moving into the over 60 category 😊 We might be wishing our lives away Baz but I feel far more optimistic about getting older now that I can run.

    I think your plan for the rest of the year sounds good. Taking your foot off the gas and taking leisurely runs sounds perfect.

  • I hit that category last week and so agree that my outlook on getting older is so much more positive with the running. Haven't got to Parkrun yet to see if my age grading has gone up, but high hopes.

  • That's an impressive amount of time to knock off a PB - well done! Enjoy your easier spring and summer running :)

  • Sounds like a good plan.

  • Thats excellent bazza well done that man! 😊😆

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