10k day today hooray!

Well I Finally ran a 10k, hooray! πŸ˜„. I set out in my usual wimpish style, telling myself if I only wanted to do 5k I could but I could go further if I felt like it...well the first 5k was awful. I felt like my legs were still thinking they were in bed and I just felt generally tired. So twice round the park I ran semi-sulking, thinking that I wasn't getting any better as a runner and to add to it a smiley girl with silky hair kept gliding past me,her feet barely touching the ground which made me feel even more like a beetroot faced elephant!. Anyway I told myself to man-up and push on and actually once I'd got past the first 5k my body woke up, realised it wasn't still in bed and the legs started to connect to the brain.So on I went and I got to 10k and did in in 1 hour and 7 mins which I was thrilled about for my first one. Now how do I get that nice 10k badge? Enjoy your running wherever you are! 😊

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  • Go you ! Amazing! Well done :)

    I have seen that girl...!!!! Honestly, she must get around... :) Runs like a gazelle, light and flowing, unlike my snail plod! :)

  • Thanks Old Floss. Yes that girl who runs like the wind. She was really nice though and didn't even look pitifully at me when I hobbled past her going the other way.

  • Wow that's definitely an excellent time, especially for a first 10k! It's weird how the running gets easier even if the first few ks don't feel like they're going well. It shows you can't predict how a run will go at all! Those gazelles are probably doing shorter runs, you were right to stick to your comfortable pace and ignore speedy gazelle girl. I try to tell myself all sorts of things - like maybe they're doing speed training, or doing the final sprint at the end of their run. However I've been overtaken on my final sprint too! Oh well :) Hope you get your badge soon :)

  • Thank you Ruth. There was no doubt about it, silky hair girl was fast. Thankfully she was running the opposite way round the park which wasn't quite so bad! I'm just so pleased to have finally done a 10k! 😊

  • Yay, hope you like your new badge, well earned, you're well on your way to silk-haired gazelle-ness now :)

  • Really well done 😊good time too

  • Thanks slow rob. It was hard work at times but I got there 😊

  • Well done, and a fab first time to achieve.

    I've only ran 2x10k's, a few 7 and 8's, and I too have found that after 4-5km is when it all settles down, there's a good rhythm of legs/breathing and it feels comfy.

    I think there will always be 'that' runner! I find them at my sweatiest heaviest grimacing moments it seems!

    I'm on my phone and can't quite remember but I think there's a post top right on computer screen for your badge :)

  • Thanks jt24, it feels great doesn't it! I have heard other people say that on longer runs the first 5k is the warm up. A year ago, the thought of 5k being 'a warm up' would have sent a shudder through me! I definitely felt like the warm up today. Requested a badge and looking forward to polishing it when it arrives!

  • Congratulations on your first 10k farawaytree74! And that is a great time for a first 10k tooπŸ™‚! It's definately a distance that you settle in to as well, I think, so the first few k are the hardest and then you seem to hit your stride iykwim? Look forward to seeing that shiny 10k badge next to your name very soon!πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Sandra, I did an 8k a week ago and the same was true, the first few km were a struggle and then I felt more like an oiled- machine! πŸ˜„

  • Look! There's your badge now!☺

  • Hey it's here! πŸ€—

  • Fabulous run! Speedy too πŸ˜€! Get a couple of days rest maybe to see how your legs r feeling about it! I usually do one long run a week, that way I can recover before my next one. What now? Maybe a 10 event?

  • Thanks Joolie, will give my legs a rest. Hoping to do 2 smaller runs next week but will see how it goes. I am tempted to enter a 10k race in September now. 😊

  • I found it quite hard work to move from 5-10k but September is a reasonable time to plan increasing runsI know people do manage it. I am now trying to go from 10k to 21k in September, hope we do it!

  • That's fabulous work - well done you!

  • Thank you Katie, it has taken a while to get there, I graduated nearly a year ago and lots of things have got in the way but I got there in the end 😊

  • Congratulations, the first 10k is a bit special.

    Cracking time too πŸ˜€

  • Thanks bob, it felt like a hard slog at times today but got there in the end!😊

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