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10K Again


Hey everyone,

I had a failed attempt at 10K on Sunday. I just couldn't do it on the day. After 5K I felt my right calf muscle getting sore. I had done interval training on Saturday and put it down to that. So after 5K I walked for a kilometre and then ran for a kilometre to loosen out. I took a few days off and this evening went out to attempt it again. I wanted to get back to running 10K by the end of October. I don't think I have ran a full 10K without stopping since last March. I am awarding all the fantastic runners with their 60 minute badges and Graduate10 badges for the past month and they had inspired me to get back up to 10K again. Plus I want to work on shaving time off my (not)parkrun PB time too and need to get my legs used to running longer distances again.

Well this evening I did it. I am just back from a 10K run. No stops. I aimed for a 7 min/km pace, I was up and down, but managed a nice 6:53 min/km average and finished in a time of 1:08:52. I'm happy with that, good to be back to 10K again.


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You should be ecstatic with your run Damienair. That is 10k and that is fast. Very well done.

damienairModerator in reply to Dexy5

Thanks so much Dexy. It felt great. Must say my legs feel a little sluggish today.


Wow - That’s brilliant - you must be so proud.

You’ve met your target with a week to spare - great going and what a fabulous pace too. Couple of days we’ll deserved rest now ?

damienairModerator in reply to 61Lady

Ah, thanks. Yes it felt great. My first 10K was about 3 years ago. I ran that in 1:20 something. So I was happy to run it yesterday in under the 1 hour 10 minute mark I had set myself. Still 10 minutes slower than my 10K last year. But I am so happy to be back running 10K again.


Well done Damien on running your first full 10K since March, sub 70 minutes is very good, I am very happy to know that you enjoyed that run.

I have ran 10/10Ks but only once had a sub 70 minutes one, by the way yesterday I ran a 11K, my 2nd 11K in just over 83 minutes, glad that you are back to longer runs. 🏃🏾

damienairModerator in reply to AlMorr

Well done on your 11K Al, yes it's great to be back. On my 9th kilometre I asked myself if I would train up for a half marathon? That thought lasted all of 3 seconds with a resounding no as the answer.

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to damienair

Strangely enough Damien I was silly enough to tell some people on this forum that my mid-week run this week was going to be 2 and 3/4 hours and see just how far I got, could have been HM, maybe more, maybe less, like you after 10K I started to feel knackered and decided to abandon any thought of running that long and ended my run at 11K, perhaps one day in the future when conditions are correct I might try for a longer run, I do find running up to 10K OK but after that I start to 'wither', I am still not sure how I managed that 10 miles back in July, perhaps because it was raining that day.


Yes!!! Well done Damien. I'm so pleased for you. You really deserve this and I'm absolutely delighted to read this post! You always support others and now it's an opportunity for us to support you.

This is a real marker in the sand now and a reminder of what you have inside you to keep out there so you achieve moments like this 😊

damienairModerator in reply to GTFC

Cheers mate. I was running a weekly 10K last year and running them in 57 minutes usually. I got stuck in a rut over lock-down and was even struggling with 5K there for a while. It feels great to be back. I am using it to rebuild endurance for 5K. I want to get my times back down again.



Congratulations, that's wonderful. I acheived mine too this evening. Such a great achievement

damienairModerator in reply to Tillybeach

Thanks so much. I loved giving you your badge, congratulations and well done on your own 10K.



Great job and great time too. I’ve a 10k to do next week as the Vitality virtual London 10k and I’ve not run one for a while either! 🤷‍♀️ It’ll be fine - I’m on my own so no pressure.

damienairModerator in reply to Sybilw

Thank you. Best of luck with the Vitality virtual London 10k. I'm sure you will have no problems. Enjoy it.


That’s such a good thing to read, so glad you made your 10k and such a good time too

damienairModerator in reply to WillowandSola

Cheers. My legs are a little stiff today. It's a good feeling. Endurance training for my (not)parkrun PB attempts.

WillowandSola60minGraduate in reply to damienair

We tried jeffing this morning and it was going really well for just over 3k then i got a little niggle in my right calf started running and left calf hurt a bit so wandered back to the car but 3k in under 25 minutes so happy with that

I’m always a bit envious when i see other people’s times and then i look around at other 64 year olds and feel good a lot of the ones i know couldn’t run at all 😀

Have a great weekend and good luck on a pb for your (not) parkrun


Fabulous!!!! xxx



So happy you managed that 10k 😁 and a good time too.

Now I just need to focus on getting mine done for the Vitality 10,000 next week but will be nowhere near that time

damienairModerator in reply to Birdlady64

Ah thank you. I am happy I did it. Best of luck to you for your Vitality virtual 10k. Enjoy it.


Brilliant damienair! So pleased for you!😀👏👍

damienairModerator in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you.


Yay, really happy for you damienair! :)

damienairModerator in reply to Cmoi

Thank you so much.


Yesss Damien, you’re back! I’m so pleased for you. No stopping you now - speedy 5ks and building your distance back up again too. Win-win! 🎉👍👊🏃‍♂️

damienairModerator in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks Cheeky. Yes I've played enough poo sticks on the 5K side of the bridge. It was good to make it across the bridge again. :-)


Congratulations.You are so supportive of all of us newbies it's great to hear you have achieved your goal too!!

damienairModerator in reply to Week7

Cheers. I really just love 5K and don't have much interest in longer distances. But I was getting stale and slowing down. Running 10K is very good for 5K as it builds endurance and builds up your running legs. I'm going to try and do a weekly 10K from now on.


Well done my emerald green 1/2 brother 👍

When I'm next down the mine I shall hand pick a suitable stone and craft it into an apt shape for your 10k revisited medallion 🤫 ☘️

damienairModerator in reply to Imc50

Well that would be lovely. Thank you. I'll have to put loads of vasoline on it in case of chaffing. :-)


Nice one, Damien! 👍😀 What's interesting is that you can run 5K in strong time. 10K is just a few songs away and maybe the way you pace yourself is the answer? Start slower and more relaxed and then pick up pace when muscles and cardio get into the grove? That's how I figured out HM and 10km (psychologically) is very similar. Once you've got the 5K, the 10K is yours. You've got the 10K? HM is around the corner! I think you can run that stuff. Pacing is the King!

damienairModerator in reply to mrrun

No thanks. 10K is enough for me. On my 9th kilometre yesterday evening I asked myself if I'd be interested in a half marathon. The answer was a resounding no. :-) I love 5K, and last year worked hard chipping away at my 5K pace for parkrun. The 10K's were great for building endurance and I also did 5K interval training. I brought my 10K times down too and my PB was in a 10K road race where i finished in 57 minutes. I want to do 10K now as a regular weekly run like I did last year. I had lost that endurance and I need to build it back up again. I started too fast yesterday, I ran my first 1K in 6:05. But slowed down to a steadier pace after that. Thanks.


Well done - if there was a "backto10k" badge I would award it to you!

damienairModerator in reply to Blackberrypie

Cheers. 10K is a great distance, but it is not an easy distance. Happy to be back.



Fantastic come back. Well done on your fabulous run.

damienairModerator in reply to MoliJ

Thank you.

Yay! 🙌🏻🥳 You did it and with impressive stats too. Inspiration for the rest of us who are working towards their first 10k (mine hopefully 1/11/20)

damienairModerator in reply to Slothgoesrunning

Thank you. I was running 10K weekly last year and earlier this year. It is a great distance. Best of luck to you on your 10K journey. You'll get there.


Oh that's good news, and quite fast too. Now you know you can do this distance again I expect it's given you lots of confidence!

damienairModerator in reply to Roxdog

Thanks. Yes I'm going to make it a regular run now. It's all part of a plan to chip away at my (not)parkrun PB.



Really pleased for you 😃

damienairModerator in reply to Rowers



Well done Damien! You support us so well here on the forum and are so honest in your own posts which really encourages us all here too. It’s great to read that you reached your 10k 😊⭐️.

damienairModerator in reply to Delly-dot

Ah thank you. Yes over the past few months with COVID I have been struggling. I am really missing parkrun and road races to train for. I had got stuck in a 5K rut and needed to start building distance again. Last year and earlier this year I was running 10K weekly. It is great to be back to 10K. You have all inspired me too.



Go you! 😄 That sounds a fast pace for 10k - very well done. 😄

damienairModerator in reply to Elfe5

Thank you. It is 10 minutes slower than my fastest 10K but also 10 minutes faster than my very first 10K. Somewhere in the middle feels just right.



Hooray! Great to hear that you nailed the 10k again - and that pace was none too shabby!

damienairModerator in reply to Fionamags

Thank you. It's good. I've just done a little foam roller work on my legs. They feel like they ran 10K. :-)


Superb effort and a great time too, Damien!!

damienairModerator in reply to TallTeal2020


TallTeal2020Graduate10 in reply to damienair

And BTW your post inspired me too... went out and smashed a second 10k this afternoon with a PB of 1:09:42 so chuffed with that 😊 next stop sub 65...🏃


Its great that you are back up to 10k. Its a great time as well.

damienairModerator in reply to EThomas

Thanks. I just aimed for a 7 min/km average. It felt right.


whoohoo! Great job damienair! I haven't ran a 10 k in months and was planning on reaching it again this month as well but it fell flat at 9.2 k - so close. I'll get there again, just like you did. It feels good to change things up a bit.

damienairModerator in reply to SaskAlliecat

Oh my goodness, 9.2K , two laps of an athletics track away. You'll get there the next time. I had to fight some Gremlins at around 3K. Once I was at 4K i knew I could do it.


SaskAlliecatGraduate10 in reply to damienair

My plan was to run 10k the next week and well, I didn’t. Oh the regrets now 😆. It will happen. I’ve got a plan - a new running watch is on its way and I’m going to change up my training. Time to get back at it and have some fun again.

damienairModerator in reply to SaskAlliecat

Same for me. I am starting to up my running too. I find it a bit easier running this time of year. You don't over heat.


SaskAlliecatGraduate10 in reply to damienair

Exactly! Winter running is much more enjoyable. Of course today I had to be concerned if I was going to get frostbite when I pulled my buff off my face. But it was only a 40 minute run and -8C and I have ran for much longer in much colder without concern. I just have to remember how to run in winter conditions again.


Fantastic Damien! So glad you got back to it!👍

damienairModerator in reply to JonathanP

Thank you Jonathan


Fabulous 👏👏👏 well done damienair you were wise to stop running in your previous run and take it easy. It’s something I’ve been trying to teach myself to do this year.

damienairModerator in reply to BrianUK

Thanks Brian, yes I've learnt the hard way a few times before. You don't run through pain or discomfort as it just leads to injury and longer on the Injury Couch. I now take extra rest days and walk if needs be. But I have learnt the hard way.


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