Lost my running ommph :( Looking to find it :)

My last good run was end of March.  All my others have been grim - different degrees of grim, but grim. I had a couple of weeks with only 2 'dashing out at last second' runs a week in, ( Kids on school hols ) which were rough, but ok..that happens, didn't think so much of it.  Back up to 3 runs a week and they are solidly bad runs.  Bad as in I had nothing to give, no energy at all, runs being cut short and stitches.  I've done new routes, slowing down, dropping to 5k's but the runs are actually are getting worse.  Usually fairly chilled out but today it has p***ed me right off.   I'm logging my food to check that - I feel fine and can do other sports with ommph so what is this ??   Anyone else had it ?? Is it a grit your teeth situation ??  

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  • I graduated some time ago now and had worked up to a 10k plus 2 X 5k per week.  Last week, something went totally wrong, legs burning in my calves and had to stop and stretch every few minutes.  Felt like I was finished LOL!  I think everyone has a rough patch from time to time, who knows why?  Just go out regularly,mod what u can and see how u can get back on track.  I did a 5k run walk today and I hate walk breaks but going out is what is important and doing your best on the day, more than good enough

  • Thanks Joolie, a very kindly worded vote for  'grit your teeth' option :) 

  • we all have bad run days, sometimes you can explain it - lack of water, not eating right or lack of sleep.  Other times it just happens and you just to get on with it. 

    But if it happens on every run then there would be no harm in taking a break for a week, let your body relax and chill out a bit and mentally it will help too.  You won't lose any fitness.  Or instead of running go cycling or swimming instead of running. 

  • Thanks Ben, I hadn't considered that option.  I do enjoy cycling and swimming, one to think about :)

  • I don't know about you, but I usually eat much less healthily in the school holidays and have to make a concerted effort to cut out the cakes and biscuits (plus the booze!) when we get back to normal.  It really does make a difference to the running.  If I don't eat crap and don't drink wine running is SOOOO much better.  Unfortunately I love cake and wine :( 

  • Did slip a bit in the hols, food and booze wise...not drastically and I'm back to normal now - perhaps this is just a true hangover.  I can live with that - it will eventually go away !

  • If it is specific to running, either it is something very specific, perhaps impact related???, or it's your head (depending on whether the 'other sports' are tiddly winks)

    Otherwise I think we're sometimes affected by sub-clinical viruses.

  • Hey GoogleMe I can't remember an impact.  Could be in my head, but it feels pretty real.  Other sports are half an hour here and there of cycling/swimming/gyming but for something I don't do that often it does feel like my fitness has improved ( it should have I've been running ! )  Can live with the virus - again it will eventually go away :)

  • It could be just life and running are clashing  or it coukd just be a phase , i went through a period earlier this year where I couldn't seem to run more than 2k !! 

    Just stuck with it, didn't put any time or distance pressure on myself , just ran As far or as long as I felt I could . Eventually came through  it . 

    It could be a suck it up phase or  it could be other reasons ,  Just go with the flow and see how you feel in a week or 2 😊

  • Thanks Slow_Rob. I have read some of your posts recently and your clearly going great guns now. Pleased to hear you came through it. I take it there was never a solid reason ?  Feeling a bit silly about getting grumpy about it and am gonna carry on for a few weeks if still no joy will give it a break for a week. 

  • No real reason that I could think of, the mental side of running is often the hardest.

    No need to feel silly, try running for fun and for you with no pressure ☺

  • This happened to me a while back. Just kept going out on the bad runs and it did go away. I think the suggestions of something different are good, I also found going back to some of the longer run podcasts helped as well. Good luck

  • It sounds to me like you've lost the fun from running for the moment.  try going out with no plan of distance or time, just go for a very relaxed slow bimble in a nice area you might not normally run in or if you have a favourite route do that and just take your time, smell the roses, take in the scenery etc, find the enjoyment again.

    Hopefully that might give you the enjoyment of running again and then you can build on that.

    Good luck and just remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. x

  • Lots of great advice given... I think I'd go with Noaky12 , just head out, slow and steady. See what is out there... breathe the air and just run/jog for the pure enjoyment of it. No pressure... and enjoying the journey.

    Life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes..it stops us moving forwards easily.

    Just get out and go... " Fast enough to get there... slow enough to see" .:)

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