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Bit of help as I’ve lost my running mojo


Hi I’ve recently just graduated from c25k. Which I loved and would be super excited for run days. The problem I’m left with now is that I find it very hard to get motivated to do long runs on a treadmill. I seen a program where I run 10 minutes then a minute rest and then run again and you do this 4 times so 40mins in total. So in all you are stuck in the same place for just under a hour. I did the 1st run Sunday and just about managed to stay on the treadmill for the whole time. Today I managed 2 runs and was so fed up I have in. I got home and was feeling very angry with my self so I went and had a 20 min run non stop. So in away I had completed the 40 minutes but in 2 sections. I’m thinking that I might just give up running in gym and maybe run outside once a week. I would probably just do a 10min run on the treadmill when I’m there doing cardio so my legs are use to running and do a longer run once a week. So what do you guys and girls think as I’m worried I will fall out of love with running

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I think that the postgraduate period is difficult as you decide what to do next.

I don't know how you can abide being on the treadmill for that long. You have my respect.

Is there some reason that you cant run about your neighbourhood? With the risk of coming over all evangelical, I would really encourage you to run outdoors, it is so much more interesting (whether town or country), you have all the benefits of being outside (fresh air, vitamin D) and I am sure that the feel good factor is much greater. You can change your routes when you get bored and look around at the changing seasons. One day it's sunny, the next you are running in the rain. Every run is different

Your mojo is out there I'm sure :)

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Maybe I need to think about changing my routine. Perhaps I should consider running outside 3 times a week and use the rest days for gym workouts

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That sounds like a great plan. I am sure you would like it outside....

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That’s a great idea! Weirdly time and distance go quicker outside...perhaps it’s the outside distractions? Good luck

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helenwheels this is exactly what I’d have put...changing routine & shaking things up after graduation for a lot of people, me included, can often be the have my respect for being on a treadmill for that long too...just feeling the outdoors on my face is a feeling I wouldn’t want to be without now...your mojo is probably waiting outside for you


Get outside my friend...that will blow your mojo back towards you.. every run is different. all the changes of the Seasons., weather, routes and distance and speed... :)

I went out just for a very short 1K before small granddaughter arrived.. I have done it loads of times and quickly... today, it took me ages to run the 1K.. 7 minutes plus..but by gosh it blew those cobwebs away and set me up for the day!

Have you looked at this post?

Lots of ideas are going to love this... just get out and smell that fresh air:)

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Love it...brilliant Oldfloss


Thanks I’m going to try and do 3runs outside every week and see how that works out. If for some reason I can’t i will try to do some in the gym


Run outside. There is nothing like it and you will never be bored, whether you live in a city or the country 😀


Run outside 👍🏽

Also I’m going to try and to ju-ju-‘s bridge to 10k plan. Maybe another program would help you.

Defo do the ParkRun each week.

Dog yourself up for a local charity 5 or 10k - something else to aim for 👍🏽

Do juju 10 k programme that’s what I done next


I started going to the gym about 4 months ago when I was on the injury couch. Now that I am back running again , I run 3 times per week outside (including one parkrun day, one very slow longish run with a running club and one "hard" run by myself. I have kept on going to the gym (paid upfront for 12 months) so I do a 30 minute treadmill run on one day and upper body weights work on the other 2 days. Running on the treadmill has some advantages - obviously weather ( which I don't really have a problem with where I live) but I also find it very good to do some heart rate training .


I find my mood towards running waxes and wanes like the moon, the constant being if I stick with it through the lows the highs always come back. Don't worry if you try something new and it doesn't work out from a motivation point of view, just put it behind and move on to the next run. The only thing I find really hard is not running at all, that puts me in a hole I find harder to climb out of.

I do all my running outside as I also can't handle the treadmill, and I then do the gym on the in between days - cardio and weights(but no running). But just keep trying things and don't worry over the bits that don't go smooth.


I've been struggling lately with running outside as my favourite routes have all been impracticable for one reason or another. I have been running on the treadmill but it's not the same. I can run for 10k on the treadmill at decent speed, breathing through my nose the whole time, or cheerfully carrying on convoluted conversations, which I am sure is fine but it does make it obvious to me that it's an entirely different kind of activity, at least for me. That said it is certainly helping my knee so there is always a silver lining.

I think we all have moments of blowing hot and cold in all areas of life and I am sure that, following some of the great advice above, you will find that far from being lost, your mojo is just temporarily in hiding and will come out again.


It's a lonely and aimless feeling when you lose the structure of C25K. I floundered for quite a while. However, kept running and was able to figure that "fast" will never be an option for me so I set "distance" as a goal and just incrementally got to 10k by adding a little bit to my run each week.

I would go Stark raving mad running inside on a treadmill frankly. I don't run easy - it's a gaspy, shambly event forme but I listen to my BBC downloads and I watch the "street theatre" and that makes it fun and even if the Running alone didn't get me outside, the curiosity of what I might see or encounter would ;)

Ten miles this year, half marathon next year, full Marathon year after that ☺Odds are against it for sure - but then I never thought I could run anyway 😂

Wishing you many happy miles in your future when you fix on your goals ☺

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Thanks for kind words

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