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Hi all - I am re-doing a programme to get me back to 10K (the Zenlabs C210K one). I have just finished week 9. I found the last 2 runs really hard - they were 4x10 min runs, with 1 min walking in between. I wimped out on the middle two, so they were more run/walk.

I gave blood about 10 days ago and have been feeling tired since then. Has anyone else had this kind of issue after blood donation?

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  • Thanks Dave - that's interesting stuff. I'm 10 days out from the donation, but I think it must be taking time for the red blood cells to come back.

    I think, though, that challenging my body with weight-bearing exercise will help the red blood cell regeneration - even if I'm a bit slow just now!

  • You're doing well to listen to your body and seem to have identified the cause of your tiredness while running.

    But is there a longer term loss of mojo going on here too? Why do you think that is, the busy time of year, or perhaps you've been putting pressure to achieve certain things with your running rather than just going out and seeing where a run takes you?

    People on here often advise trying a new route or finding some way to put the fun back in. It's helped me a lot to keep trying new things, new running music or podcasts to listen to. New routes are always a great cure for loss of mojo. Let us know how you get on :)

  • Hi Ruth - thanks so much for your reply. You may be right about longer-term causes. I have been feeling more tired than usual ever since my Mum died in August. I think the stress of dealing with all those arrangements etc, plus keeping on with normal life, has had an effect. I find I'm sleeping a lot more than usual and I waste loads of time day-dreaming.

    It does help to try new routes - and just to keep going, even if I succumb to run/walk instead of running according to the Zenlabs program. Yesterday I went up to Abbey Mills, along the Greenway (although it was more like the Deadway as there was barely anyone else on it) - I have a few more plans for new routes as well, around the Olympic park.

  • It really isn't surprising that it is all catching up on you. Take a week off and come back to it fresh? I am sorry to hear about your mum Katie.

  • Aah, thanks Bop! I will keep going with my plan but take things easy - I will have a fresh go at it all after Christmas.

  • I didn't know you were dealing with all that Katie. That would definitely take things out of you. I used to love the Greenway when I lived in East Ham/Beckton, used to walk/cycle up to Bow for work. Have you also discovered Cody Dock?(access via river path from Twelvetrees estate). And yes the Olympic Park is nice too. Take care. And nothing wrong with run/walk in fact that's a whole discipline in itself, lots to try out there too :)

  • Thanks Ruth! I hope you have a great Christmas. I'm glad to see from your other post that your running is going well after your illness x

  • Thanks you too Katie :) maybe let's look into coordinating to do a local run together some point in 2017 :)

  • That sounds like a great plan!

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