Farewell to my favourite running shoes...☹️❤️

Went out for a short run on my local bridleways this morning. Last time out I felt much better than of late and my niggly hip seemed much better. Today I opted to ditch my longstanding favourite Gel Kayano running shoes as I know they are in dire need of replacement and suspected that they were not helping the hip situation! So out came my Asics FujiTrabuco trail shoes! Why had I not thought of this before? This is the first run in weeks where my hip has not bothered me at all, although I think some of this is down to the exercises I am now doing. So it is with a heavy heart, that I must say goodbye to my old 'friends' and consign my worn out Kayanos to the bin☹️ whilst looking out for another suitably priced pair to buy! (Not a great time financially for me!) In the meantime, my trail shoes are definately the better option at the moment. The only slight negative of what had been a lovely run up until then, was feeling suddenly unwell just before getting to end of my route, at 5.5k and having to stop. I felt back to normal within less than a minute so assume it was nothing to be too worried about?? Annoying though. Heat/ blood sugar / end of run drop in blood pressure?? Feel fine now🙂


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14 Replies

  • Oh... 'bye shoes :( Hello new ones and less dodgy hip :)

    Glad you had a run... I feel fairly sure the blip at the end was due to heat etc etc..I am having similar little funny things... like the floor turning to cotton wool! It is usually due to blood pressure drop.. and this humidity..phew. :)

    Glad you are okay now x

  • So very happy my hip has settled! Now for a few cooler runs I hope! ☺

  • You know I was having niggles and exactly the same new shoes no niggles. It's happened too often now to be a coincidence I should learn to look at the treads as soon as a niggle comes up. When I looked at mine you could see how they would of been putting me off balance and no cushioning. Sorry you felt unwell at the end, I hope it's all passed now.

  • I feel good now, thanks☺

  • RIP shoes.

  • A sad day...now I shall save my pennies for some new Kayanos😀!

  • Aw Sandra , a sad day indeed, but think of all the fun youre going to have choosing the colour of your new Kayanos ! :-)

    Glad youre feeling better , I think its the humidity, Ive felt a bit like that on my walk to work a coupla times when its been hot , only for a minute or so , but its not very pleasant is it ? Its like a dizzy/light headed feeling , that seems to come and go for a little while.

    Roll on Autumn ! :-) xxx

  • Roll on Autumn, in deed! How sad are we? !🙄

  • Hope you're feeling ok Sandra sure its the heat and muggyness (is that a real word???!!!)

    ( I've been feeling bit tired and spaced out all week! Think i have a bit if a lurgy maybe as sore throat....)

    A sad day saying goodbye to your shoes😕.....

    All my old shoes are still in porch as doggy walking trainers but I have a few too many really. 😕😆x

  • Have to admit, they are still in the cupboard! Maybe I'll just let them stay there for a bit😀. I feel fine now btw. Hope you feel better soon too Ali🙂.

  • Aww, poor shoes :( Poor you as well. A tip someone gave at the start of the year: every time you run, put a pound into a jar. At the end of the year, you have a new shoe fund! So far I have nearly £50 which will be helpful as I am experiencing a niggly hip after longer runs so I don't think I'll make it to the end of the year. I know this won't help you now, but by the time you next need new shoes, you'll have a super stash!

    Enjoy your shoe shopping :)

  • Nice idea! New shoes are such an expensive outlay - I might try something like this Annie!

  • When find a shoe I like I immediately start watching for sales of an identical pair. You might be holding onto them for 6-12 months but it's cheaper and then you know you're running with shoes you like.

  • Definately a good idea!

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