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My Running Week

Hi all,

My running week got off to a good start, with my 10k run on Monday coming in a PB of 59.20.  I am hoping that is an accurate time, my runkeeper app said 1hr and 4 seconds but there is a delay to me starting and finishing my runkeeper, so normally my watch is slightly more accurate.  Wednesdays interval run also went well, I run that on a treadmill at the gym and I am able to run at a faster pace for the interval session so actually hit 13km an hour during my last interval run.  For me that was fast.  Todays run was a 5k and that was in 29.11.  All in all everything is progressing very well, I wasn't expecting a sub 1hr 10k until the end of May.  It came out of the blue a bit.  I will take it as I may never see one again :-).

I hope that you are all injury free and thanks for reading.  Keep on running!!

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That's a fab running week Mat30, you're getting faster by the looks of things.🏆.. Hope next week goes well, keep it up!

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Thanks Jaxsy_runs.

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