Back on track

Two weeks ago I decided to insert a longer run into my weekly programme and I was asking you how to progress towards the 10k.

Last week, though, I did not run at all; I tell myself it was because of a stomach bug and that is partially true. The complete truth is that I was back in Italy, visiting my family, and I see them so rarely that probably I would have spent every single second chatting with my mother, playing cards with my father and scratching the bellies of my dogs even if my stomach were perfectly fine...

Anyway, the point is that after a week without running, on Tuesday I completed my usual 5k a bit slower and feeling much more tired than usual.

When I ventured out today I was a bit worried, wondering how much "damage" I had done with that lazy week and how long would have taken to get back on track. Anyway, at the end of the 5k I was feeling fine and I decided to see if I could reach again the 6.5k of my last long run. I could... and I was still ok, so I decided to run a little further. After 7.66k I finally stopped and I stopped because I wanted to, not because I needed to. 🙂

The pace was still slower than before the "running break", 6:09min/km, but it was not terrible and I'm not particularly interested in speed per se anyway (I look at it just as an indicator of my general fitness level and running technique).

In other words... I'm back, yippee!

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  • Sono fiero di te! (Grazie, Google translate)

  • Thanks but... unless you changed gender while you were in France, you are "fierA". 

    "Fiero" is masculine, "fiera" is feminine. 😉

  • BLOODY google translate! That'll teach me to be lazy ;o)

  • Yippee indeed... ! Well done you..

    I am a tad jealous.. but, put your result down to youthfulness as opposed to my aged efforts. 

    No seriously I don't.. you are doing wonderfully. your holiday with family sounds lovely... and you are back on form:) 

    Glad you are back with us x

  • *You* are jealous?!? The lady running miles and climbing mountains?I can only hope I'll have the same energy in a few years... 😉

  • All sounds good Secan - and sometimes a week out can actually give our bodies a good rest☺

  • As Sandraj39 says an occasional rest week is a good idea and something that many top athletes programme into their training regimes. There will be a dip in form, but long term it is meant to be beneficial.

  • In my experience, Severio, you can miss a week or two with little effect whatsoever. Well, at my level anyway :D I've had chunks of time away from running and it's only after a month or longer that you really start to notice it, I find.  So don't worry - glad you enjoyed your break with the family, and well done on the return to form.

  • Hi Secan, was think of you yesterday and wondering why I hadn't seen any posts. I agree with Ian and Sandra, a break every now and again is good for you. 

  • That is a great way to increase distance, run a bit further on a good day.  General guideline is not to increase more than 10% in a week, so one long run a week (going from 3 X 5k) would only take you to 2 X 5k plus a 6.5k for example.  Learning from my mistakes of being over ambitious and feeling it in my legs, would be good to set a maximum.  I am up to 2 X 5 plus at least a 10 per week (and have managed several 11, 12 and my record a 15)!  I tend to do my long runs on grass or soft ground, my 5ks can be on paths, no injury problems so far! 😀!  I am same as you "speed is not something I work on" just loving being a runner

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