Back in the game!

Back in the game!

I have actually got back to my original "run four times a week plan" this week. I managed 3 x 5k and today a 10k so hoping to do the same next week. After discovering a bunion and thinking my running days were over, I decided to keep going. I don't even run on my bunion part of the foot and it isn't at all painful during or after running, so business as usual!!

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  • That's great Joolie. Welcome back.

  • Joolie - how about running your 3 x5K's at different paces - slow , medium and fast? If you can't do 5K "fast", do 5x1klm fast repeats with a minutes walk inbetween to recover.

  • That I said an interesting idea! However, I just do not like "fast running"! Right now, I run at around 7 mins 30 per km. I find that is comfortable but challenging enough. Just don't want to risk injury or even worse, not enjoying a run! Made me think though thanks

  • Comfy running is so good isn't it ?

  • I bet your running gear was happy to see you - was it crying in your running drawer? Four times a week is very disciplined. Make sure that you don't throw anything else out by not running on your bunion though if you are rolling your foot sideways to avoid hitting it, though... (nagging mum mode OFF)

  • Thanks,that is something to keep an eye on. I am not avoiding it but has observed I run on my flat foot anyway so not even landing on it at all, think I am good to go Mum xx

  • One of my big toe joints has a slight bunion, virtually no cartilage and not got full movement but still seem able to run okay so sure you'll be fine 😀

  • Good to see you're back to the plan 😀

  • Glad you are back 👍🏼😀

  • Good news.

  • Welcome back JoolieB1 ...nice to know you are back on your running path...bunion or not :)

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