Back on track!

Back on track!

Stupid knee or shin (not sure which) was a real worry that I was out of the race. A week resting and ran 5k Monday and again this morning, nice and steady! My legs feel good, no pain or stiffness. Planning to do 5k again on Friday even though I want to do more!

Next week I will continue with my 2 X 5k (1 slow, 1 tempo) plus a longer run and see how we go! I have a 10k event in June and if I can keep healthy, looking forward to it! Any tips for keeping the legs fit? Julie

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  • This may help..

  • Brilliant! I was going to ask for something like this.

  • Very useful, I have been doing the squats but all the rest are new to me, will start tomorrow and let u know how I get on, appreciate u sharing 😀

  • Any tips for keeping the legs fit?

    Hmmm... running? :-)

    Good to see you are back!

  • Of course, but it was attempting tempo running that causes my pain!

  • Oh I know!

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