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My Running Week

Mondays 10k went pretty well, I ran that in 1:05:01 which was about a minute faster than the previous week.  This is all falling into place so that at the end of May I will be close to a 1hr 10k, and if I can run a 59:59 I will be leaping around like a mad person!  Wednesday I ran intervals on a treadmill, this is only because I now visit the gym on a Wednesday and to try and get my interval run in and some resistance training I just run it at the gym on a treadmill.  Well I found that on Wednesday my intervals went really well, I am sure it is because my normal outside interval route includes hills and gradients, on the treadmill I really went for it (well in my head it feels that way) and so my overall time for a 17min run my splits were a very fast (for me this is ) 5min 9secs per km.  I was very happy.  This mornings 5k was in 29.45 so all in all for me an excellent week of running.  Added to this I am now fitting in an extra small running session on a Thursday as part of my Triathlon training and everything is progressing nicely.  Just have to stay free of Chest infections!!

Hope you all have a good week of running, stay well and Happy Running!

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Wow, fantastic times, well done!

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A very good week Mat, those splits are awesome :) 

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