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My running week(s)

My last 2 weeks have been pretty run of the mill. 10ks on Mondays in a reasonable time around the 1hr 5-6 minute mark, intervals on Wednesdays and 5ks on Saturdays in around the 30-31minute mark. Overall I will be looking to build in a slightly quicker 10k time starting from March so if I can get to 1hr for the 10k I will be very happy so that is for the beginning to end of April as some silly person is going to put his name down for a triathlon in June. Although I won't be running 10k if I can get my times down to around the hour that will hopefully give me the fitness and mental aspect, along with my swimming and cycling training that I am doing to hopefully mean that I can complete the Triathlon without dropping down at the end of it. Here's hoping.

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Some great times there Mat and consistency :) I suspect you will do that triathlon no problem.

Good luck with the training hope it goes well :)

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