Enforced rest from running for a week 😕

Started my own half marathon training after failing with an organised plan (sore knees) and realised I should have had a rest to allow complete recovery. This week has been my first week off running since I started C25K but it is for the best reasons.

I have been swimming, cycling and done some step aerobics too so I haven't been inactive completely. Forcing myself to rest until Monday. Shame, what a lovely day for a run. Remembering that I have a 10k event in June and Half Marathon in September too.

Anyone else "resting"?


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6 Replies

  • Rest is overlooked as a positive way of increasing your fitness. So a week off from running will probably do you more good and you will feel it when you go back to it. Interestingly I have been reading lots of triathlon books and they keep telling me to sleep at lunchtime, now if only I could, but they all say a nap in the day is really beneficial to training. I keep saying to MrsMat30 that I should do some triathlon training (my code for a nap) in the afternoons on a Sunday and I just get the look!!

  • I think the thing to remember is that as recent graduates of the programme we are still classed as 'new runners' for a good couple of years, and as such have to really listen to our bodies when It tells us these things. It's easy to succumb to overuse injuries at this stage I think, so I agree with Matt about the need for rest. I am sure you will feel better for your week off. I have had weeks where I have taken extra rest days because this or that feels a bit tired or is grumbling slightly! It is hard to do I know because this running lark is extremely addictive! Good luck🙂.

  • I'm having a rest too! My back has been a bit niggly, not helped by carrying some heavy bags this week. So I've decided not to run this weekend and to do my stretching / yoga exercises instead. I had a lower back injury about ten years ago so I have to be careful. Definitely good to listen to your body and not do too much too soon I think!

  • I have had this week off due to triggering plantar fasciitis, first time off since finally shaking off shin splints, so more than a bit frustrating- one injury to the other! I had planned on the first run of a running club I set up for my netball group on Monday but not sure I'll be able to make after being the initiator! I will see how it feels by Monday when I will have had a full week off. Done some yoga but don't have much opportunity for much alternative exercise

  • I think I might skip my next planned run (not literally). I've felt some painful twinges in my right knee this afternoon and this evening.

  • I have had a week off and it has been horrible, itching to get back to it. I have distracted myself with cycling and swimming,Minot the same but it is moving all the same. My legs feel brilliant today and thanks to resting rather than ploughing on. It is painful to stop running but all for the greater good, thinking of my half marathon!

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