A great week for running!

A great week for running!

It's been a great week for running for me, the GSR on Sunday and tonight I did a 5 mile Ghost Run with my grandson Owen through foxes forest. It was a well organised event with plenty of ghosts and ghouls trying to scare us around the route, a different way to spend a Friday evening eh! Now I've got Parkrun to look forward too tomorrow! Have a great weekend all! 😎

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  • Well done Frank & Owen! Looks great fun, I'm at PR in the morning as well, have a good one, go for a PB and a great weekend..πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘»πŸ’€πŸ’ͺ

  • Cheers Dave, and you mate! 😎

  • Sounds terrific, great that your running with the youngsters too! Just shows how running can be for everyone! Have a good Parkrun!

  • Thank you, it was good fun, trouble is trying to keep up with the youngsters! 😎

  • Brilliant Frank! That Ghost run sounds great fun! Well done to your grandson too☺

  • Thanks Sandra! 😎

  • Fab photo Frank! And that run sounds so cool. Did you run even faster with all those ghouls chasing you? πŸ‘»πŸ˜±πŸ‘½

  • Thanks IP, it was fun but it wasn't the ghouls that made me run it was trying to keep up with my grandson, and then he left me for dead at the final 1/2 mile! No compassion these youngsters eh! ha ha. 😎

  • excellent Frank and lovely photo of the two of you! like your medal its very posh! and a speedy parkrun too! did you see the GSR photos some great ones of you! :)

  • It's been a good week running wise and I throughly enjoyed it. Yes the photos were good but they are quite expensive, I'll have to have a think about them. Hope your runs have been ok this week, enjoy the rest of your weekend. 😎

  • Yes they do like to milk you for money!! πŸ˜•

    My runs have been good thanks Frank, hopefully 1 more tomorrow and I will hit my 500km for my runs for mum. And also my 100 mile October. Then a bit of a rest I think!! 😊

  • Your right I think a little has been well earned! That's has been a massive achievement well done you! πŸ‘

  • Good for you Frank!

    It's great int it! I was in the woods today but no ghouls except for me!

    Have fun!

  • Thanks missW, good this running lark innit! 😎

  • No run for me today but I walked my little legs off!

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