Break from running?

I've been running for a bit over 2 years, and realised recently that the only time I have taken off has been when I've been ill, or injured. That doesn't really count as a rest I'd say. So, it's so very hot here at the moment, it seems like a good time to take a break. My question is - how long should I take? A week? two? Wait until it cools down? Any suggestions please?

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  • If you are feeling the need, I wouldn't think that 2 weeks would do too much harm. What we all don't want to do is to break "the habit". Like all good intentions, quitting smoking, cutting drinking, etc, it is very easy to fall off the wagon (as they say) .

    You could also try just cutting back on intensity/length a little for a while. ie keep up the habit but relax a bit more with it all.

  • Thanks Bazza. I never run very far or fast here anyway. It's not so much feeling a need, I've just been reading that a break is good every now and again, and thought this was a good time to take one!

  • Sounds like your suffering Sarah! I don't think a week or two would hurt, it will give the muscles time to recover a little. But I agree with Bazza try not to lose the habit it's hard getting to this stage maybe cutting back on distance and at a more gentle pace when it cools off a bit. Hope it cools a little for you so you can get your enthusiasm back. A cool drink in the shade with a nice view should do it. 😎

  • Not suffering exactly, but Runinspired! (My new word!) I haven't run far or hard for ages, it's been hot since June. It tends to change quickly here, so I'm looking forward to some longer runs in about a fortnight, it's just a bit frustrating at the moment. As I said to Bazza, I've read a break every now and then is good, this just seemed like a good time to take one!

    And yes, several cool drinks, and my view is gorgeous!

  • dont stop never stop cos it will be hard to get going again believe me!!

    Just cut down the running sessions and do a bit of swimming and biking!!


  • Lol, I can't do either of those because of ear problems! I was injured earlier this year, oic for 6 weeks, no problem starting again.

  • Ah rite well you are probably a lot younger then me so that explains it !!

  • Probably not - I'm 56 - you?

    I don't run for pleasure exactly, although I do enjoy it. I've always done exercise, I don't think about it, I just do it!

  • 56!!omg u look a lot younger😜😜

  • Flatterer! I like you! Thank you xx

  • Lol anytime curly !!!xxx

  • Just done a 8 k hike round Virginia waters nr windsor phew!!lol

  • It's lovely there, my gran used to live nearby!!

  • yes it was bloody warm though but a beautiful place!!

  • I'll be happy when it warms up a bit here early in the morning (soon). :)

  • What temp is it there Baz? I don't mind the cold, you can put some more clothes on, when it's hot you can't take your skin off!

  • I know what you are saying!! It isn't that cold here- around 10C first thing in the morning - but warms to 25C by midday. But I find it a bit hard to breathe at the 10C mark :) LIke like to run in the summer - around 5AM just around sunup. By 8AM , it is too hot.

  • Temperature is a weird thing, 10C in UK is perfect, it's a bit chilly here in France but I prefer it to too hot..

  • If you got back into your routine OK after being injured, I'd say you'll be fine after a planned break.

    I'd stop for 2 weeks and then start again pretty much where you left off. You won't have lost fitness in that time. You could take a break until it gets cooler, but that seems a bit vague and even though you've had no problem getting back into routine before, it's probably better to have a date circled on a calendar than waiting for the thermometer to hit a certain number!

    You could do some sessions working on your core during your break. Is there any advice out there about continuing with squats and other leg exercises? Or should those muscles have a break during the running break?

    Hope you get some cooler weather soon :) . I stupidly forgot I was meant to be running yesterday and had breakfast, which meant it was 27 by the time I got out at 9!

  • Thank you! usually about the first week of September the morning temp will drop to about 18 - that's fine here And not too long to wait. I did so much running in the higher temps last year, I just don't feel much like it this year!

    I've finished runs at 27C that have started at 17C, but I don't think I've ever gone out at that temp!

  • Hi Curly , yes I agree with runningnearbeirut , have a break , chill out and re-charge your batteries . I think it will do you the world of good plus you can enjoy the sun rather than slogging your guts out running in it :-)

    We had it a bit cooler here yesterday, and lots of rain . Oh it was so lovely ! A very dark, grey day , such a welcome relief . It is very sunny and warm though again today xxx

  • Thank you Chrissie! I think I will venture out for a little one on Sunday, I want to take part in the team C25K event RFC posted! It actually shoud be a bit cooler in the mornings in about 10 days, it just seems forever when you aren't running xx

  • And only runners could rhapsodise about dark, grey wet days! I can't wait for one! Usually here it rains much later in the day, or over night. I miss English rain!

  • Ha ha I know ! We are an odd lot aren't we ? :-D xxx

  • I did take a full week off once as I was getting really run down and exhausted and thought my body needed a break. The week was plenty and did the trick. Even if you take two weeks off you've been running long enough that you'll get back to it again fairly smoothly.

    Your body will probably tell you what to do 😊

  • I would take a break, go easy on yourself. Start with one week and see how you feel. I have had to change some of my runs for walks this year. As MrRfc has not been well, worry, lack of sleep and all that goes with it has taken a little toll on my energy so to be kind to myself I go for long walks to release endorphins but don't try to stress the body further when I'm feeling like that. At worst I still run once a week but always keep active with other forms of exercise, I know it's just transitionary but sometimes it helps just to wiggle things around to suit everything including me. Take care of yourself. Rfc X.

  • Thank you, I think I will try a little trot on Sunday to join in your event. It should cool down a bit in a week or so, I just thought a break might do me good - we shall see! XX

  • Curly, You won't lose any fitness with a 2 week break. I ran in 26c yesterday, was so tough, just about did my 5k, had some water with me,but shorts & shirt were a mess like soggy paper afterwards..enjoy your break!..😊

  • Thanks, yes, any suggestions on how long to take a break for?

  • Then how long is a piece of string? I see running now as a way of life for fitness which does me good, and not as if it's work which I have to do even though not keen to do it, so need a break, asking for suggestions does sound like your losing your mojo!😊

  • No not at all, definitely no loss of mojo. I love running. I just read it was good for you to take a break. I would run every day if I didn't think it would be dangerous.

  • Leaving aside any potential need for a break either due to tiredness or heat, I have also read before that it is good occasionally to take a break just to give the body that extra rest and recovery time even if you don't feel you need it. Can't remember where I read it though and could have been anything between a week to a month, but might also have been in the context of someone doing serious racing - not that you are not serious, I'm sure you know what I mean ;-)

  • I read in relation to training for 5K - that if you are intending to give parkrun a "good shake" , you should consider having a 3 day break before the Saturday. Said you will be surprised how much faster you feel after doing that.

  • I've had a week of, I'm intending to go out tomorrow, I'll let you know if I'm any faster.

  • Hope it went well:)

  • I'll be keen to hear. I've taken a few breaks due to injury, lack of motivation etc and I always seem to come back quicker and recharged.

  • We are very similar, nor have I. You obviously feel a rest is required, I suggest doing what feels comfortable, and rest until you feel fired up again to get back out there??

  • No, I don't feel a rest is required, this was really about is a rest beneficial! I've read a break now and then does us good, I have no desire to take one but just wondered if any runners here do.

  • I have read that we naturally need to do less every 3 or 4 weeks and I generally do that. I find that's enough to recharge my batteries.... I cannot imagine not running as I'd go nuts!!!

  • That's a new one on me, I tend to just keep ramping it up! I normally run every other day, although I will take 2 days rest if I've done a particularly long run. I'll give that a try thanks JuJu!

  • I had a week off from running because we went timber rafting. That week included a lot of core and arms exercise. I missed running but it made me slightly faster. So I would say a week is beneficial. Don't know about longer...

  • For what it's worth, I'd say that a break will do you more good than harm. You're experienced enough and fit enough that you're not going to lose condition, so you'll just get the benefits of well rested muscles and an intense desire to get back out running. Good luck whatever you decide to do xx

  • Well, I went out yesterday, first run for a week. It wasn't one of my best runs. No PBs or increased speed, but it was still hot and humid and I've been suffering with dizzy was probably a mistake with hindsight. It'll be cooler in a short time, a few more days off is probably in order.

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