strength training how important is it for running?

I have now been running for a couple of years I run out doors. I try to run about three days a week in the summer and try to run as much as i can in winter, but it sometimes drops to about once per week. My pace is very slow and I do it mainly to keep fit. I have though a place in the great north run in september which is a half marathon. I need therefore to build up to this standard. I run about 5-6 k but have previously built my distances up to 11-12 k. My question would be is strength training a necessity or can i do stuff like interval training and hill training, or should I keep to gradually improving my distance to a half marathon distance. My aim with the great north run is to finish it. It is my first time and i am very excited about it.

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  • I would say any strength work you can do would make life easier. You use your upper body such a lot over a half marathon. I do fitness dvd's at home which include the usual suspects, lunges, squats, burpees, planks, push-ups etc.

  • I agree with misswobble. I think it makes running seem a bit easier and it has helped get rid of any twinges I have experienced.

    Take it slow though if you have not done any before---just try a few exercises and see how it feels.

    Good luck with your training

  • I can't disagree with doing strength training - but I don't feel that it is essential. I guess that also it depends on how "strong" you are now??? .

    My experience of the HM is limited - I have done one and that using a run/walk method. That experience told me that things like speed training is not very relevant - what is relevant is the ability to "do the distance" -- and to do the distance strongly means ( to me) means enduring that time required to complete the distance ON MY FEET and the stamina to do so at a "reasonable" pace. Endurance comes from longruns - and stamina comes from tempo paced runs over shorter distances

  • I would say strength training is essential - but that is as someone who started to get niggles once I started running longer distances regularly - beyond 10k. But when I started doing squats etc to improve my glutes and core strength I noticed a huge improvement. It doesn't actually take very long, you can do the exercises at home on your non-running days, I think it's very much worth the small extra effort.

  • Just focus on Hill training and Intervals! Hill training although hard at first makes running on the flat a piece of cake! Intervals improve cardio function and burn more calories! Run 10 mins, walk 5 mins, sprint 30-40 seconds, walk 5 mins, Repeat 3-4 times! Do this 3x weekly and 1 10k run a week also, you'll finish easy and in good time!

  • thanks seve sounds like a plan to me!

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