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1 week rest

I've been struggling with my runs lately in the heat. I feel like each run is impossible, and harder than the last. My fancy running watch tells me I'm improving, my running index is great, my fitness level is improving, my VO2 max is excellent for my age blah blah blah. Then why does it feel so bad?

I went out for my 8k run as part of ju-ju's plan (after having done 8k as my long run already for 2 weeks in a row) and I only managed 6.5k and just barely. I've had a flare up of joint pain recently, mostly in my hands but but my knees were really hurting too.

My 10k race is coming up in just under 3 weeks and I don't feel ready. I'm taking a week off running to rest, hopefully heal and reengergize. Healthy eating, some walks, stretching and some strengthening exercises over the next week before I try another run.

I knew running may be more of a challenge having more than one chronic illness, but it is discouraging. I really want to hit that 10k milestone! Anyone else running with a chronic illness? How do you manage?

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We must have the same watch. Yes, I've been struggling too with the heat. Ironic after moaning so long about the wind and rain. I'm on a pause too 5 days and counting. I'm not chronically ill just pains in my leg, trying to be cautious after a discectomy 2 years ago. Back to ticking all the boxes, good posture, stretching drink water, ibuprofen. Check up with doc then we'll see. Good luck be easy on yourself.


Hello Toni,

Responding to your question, and I have to push myself to be vulnerable and give back something to you that is positive.

I could start by saying, how long have you got.🤔

Here is the vital few as from the trivial many.

In our life’s journey we have wear and tear and perhaps also we have losses too.

Good thing we have some in built spares and our amazing bodies can repair us and adapt to.

Throughout my journey I have been set an extra challenge to adapt and function with the loss of the following,loss of knee cartilage and self inflicted poorly rehabilitated left leg, complete loss of central vision right eye,impaired hearing loss right side,loss of facial feeling right side,pseudo gout throughout all joints,TIA of sight.No sympathy required.When I read about the courageous folks on hear.

I seriously took charge of my health 4/5 years ago at around age 70🙈,always wanted to run but strangely could not get through the toxic ten,and honestly did not even know that existed🙈

Anyway here is the good stuff,the Gout is dormant, cannot regain sight, hearing, feeling and stuff,

dead is dead.

Can run without and do.

Love it, best thing ever,going to do an HM for my 75th and the macular society in 2 months time.Me and someone’s else’s left leg, well that’s the way it looks.Even have the confidence to wear shorts again.

My message Toni,and if you can, do not wrap yourself up in cotton wool, always keep moving, any movement is good movement,we were given muscles to use and work them,we were born to run,we were gifted with the most amazing piece of kit that has the power to repair so much of itself.

Sorry for going off on one,hope some of this or one little thing strikes a cord.

Enjoy it all and we all just bring our best,don’t weToni.👍

The NHS One You / HealthUnlocked C25k programme and this forum have done it for me, and running in particular.🌟👏👏


As a young stripling of 71, you give me hope. There was me thinking my running days must surely be numbered! You are an inspiration x


Hi Flick,

Not numbered Flick.🌟👏👏

When you get time google 92 versus 98 year old men racing each other over 100 metres.

Now there is inspiritation together with the courageous stories I have read on here.

I am just a novice runner who cannot believe I have found this forum.🌟👏👏

Keep smiling and run because we can.🌟👏👏.


Wow, you are an inspiration! Thank you!

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Had my best run ever this morning.10k. Found the feeling of footfall, bpm and breathing at different paces just in harmony.🤔👏👏

Just felt so smooth.Very slow mind, but a good workout as Laura would say.👍

You will achieve your goals,it will happen.Do not put pressure on yourself. Relax and enjoyment is number one priority,everything else will surely follow.🌟👏👏


Hi Toni, I don't have your physical problems, except for weak leg from long ago fractured femur, plus struggling for the first 20 minutes due to being allergic to my dog. However, I think you are probably doing better than you think. I had a run of going out every other day and feeling strong and energised - now my body is saying it wants more of a rest, so I had three ays off and a short run today. It's like a bow, the body draws back before springing forward again. Your body is probably at the drawing back stage. Take your planned rest and i bet you take a leap forward in improvement when you start running again. I've noticed this cyclical pattern. i was really tired in the third week of ju-ju's 10k plan, for example, then I took a few days rest and went out and did 10k at the beginning of week 4. It just seems to go that way.

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Yes, that does make sense. The ebb and flow of life. :) Thank you.

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