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...bit of a rubbish run!πŸ˜•

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I knew I wasn't full of enthusiasm for my run today - it has been a busy week all round with too many late nights (and too many early mornings!) A week also, of highs and lows - excitement/challenge of new job on one hand, adrenaline fuelled EU debate (and disappointment ☹️) on the other. I just feel tired today!😴. "No matter", I thought, "I won't run a 10k today. Maybe a 6/7k. I'll be fine when I get out there!" WRONG! I was rubbish when I got out there! Right from the beginning, it just seemed like hard work. After 3k, when it usually starts to get easier, it still felt hard! Added to this, the recent rain had resulted in part of my trail being ridiculously overgrown by nettles, brambles and thistles (they were out to get me today!) my normal gremlin-free run was very much interrupted by the pesky blighters! I struggled up a hill I haven't struggled up for ages and then took a walk break, which I don't think helped my rhythm. By 5k, I decided today was a short run day and headed for home. Somewhat disappointed with myself but I guess a run is a run and hopefully after a couple of days rest I will feel re-energized again. Today was not a good day. Next time it will be...πŸƒπŸ»(I hope!)

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All miles on your legs, Sweetie. I agree that stopping to walk in a run completely disrupts your rhythm and makes it really hard to get going again. Sometimes you have 'one of those runs' and today was one of them. The next one will be 'business as usual' no doubt. Happy running :)

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Thank you AncientMum - I hope soπŸ™‚.


Isn't the mind one of our greatest thing that affects our running. Lately I have had some changes going on - going back to work after a year off, knowing which was the right job, financial issues etc. Coincidentally perhaps my running has been equally flat - struggling with painful calves, feeling very tired and wanting to stop or walk on a run. Feels like I am going backwards instead of forwards towards my September Half Marathon. Just as long as we keep trying, it is still a run and soon,M very soon, we will feel like we are runners for real!!


For whatever reasons..there is a prevelant flatness in the air. But..you were out there...and you ran...you struggled..but you did it! Big breath..new days..☺new runs..☺


Yes it will be! It was just one of those runs that we all get. The key is to pop in the fcΔ·it bucket & focus on the next one.

As AM says it's all miles on the legs. Xx ☺

We all have those runs once in a while, you'll be back :-)


Very much a case of a run is a run ☺don't dwell on any disappointment , we have to be flexible with our runs .

Can't say the thought of nettles and brambles excite me either

Tomorrow is always another day and another run 😊


5km is still a long way Sandra! don't be too hard on yourself!! i know what you mean, the plants have all shot up with this rain! . Hope you're feeling better now you realiise you still did great :)


Thanks for the replies πŸ™‚ I knew all your thoughts and encouragement would leave me feeling better about things.x


We've all had them Sandra but thankfully they don't happen often. 5K is 5K. Did you ever think, pre C25K, that you'd call 5K a short run? 😊

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You're right of course y'majesty! πŸ™‚


You still did 5k which is better than nothing at all. Another new week next week and a fresh start which hopefully will help. Wish this bloomin' rain would clear up and summer would re-appear, that might help. I got drenched through yesterday and cut short my intended 6k to a 5k whilst I sheltered under a tree, then trudged home dripping wet. 😁


Big hugs ((( )))

Yep, I agree with everyone else, somedays theres just no rhyme or reason why, but 5K is still 5k , and its banked in the kilometerages on the legs :-)

You'll smash the next one Sandra, no worries ! :-) xxx


Oh dear- you have the right attitude though. Some days it's not meant to be! Better luck next run.

I had a run like that Sandra. Just really, really hard. Don't worry though, your body just needs more time to recover. Add in an extra rest day or 2before your next run. My running feels normal again now I've caught up on some sleep. I'm sure it was just a temporary problem.

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