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Building up for a half marathon

I did my first 10k race back in June, on the advice from the wise on here, I took it slow and steady. After the race I wondered about doing a half marathon in early October and started training for that, but a few things got in the way. But I have still been running and attending a running club to do interval training, frequently these happen on the same day so I run twice a day but always take a rest day after, I know I NEED my day off otherwise I'm wrecked.

Yesterday, I managed to get a 10.3k run done in the morning, I was fairly pleased, it wasn't at all speedy. I took it easy. Then in the evening a running buddy messaged me about going for a run. I decided to do it as I was at a bit of a loose end. Again it was an easy paced run.

Basically yesterday much to my amazement I covered 17.5k. I'm not in pain, but I do have a blister... 😳

I know the formula not to increase your running distance more than 10% each week is there for a reason. I just don't think I'd thought about the distance involved in my interval sessions, and added those to my 'distance' I'd done earlier in the day.

Bottom line is I think I'll be able this half marathon. I hope so anyway.

Any thoughts?

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Being able to do it in your head is a positive ☺ That's half the battle. If you keep up with the training then you will be ok on the day. You can split a long run into two sessions in a day if needs be, if circs dictate. It is easier on the body I suppose. I think we all need our rest days unless we are super heroes like our resident panther 😊

Please join the Marathon and Race support community on here ☺ where this subject is discussed in detail

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Thank you for that, I didn't know there was one! 😊


I have completed both of my HM's using run/walk --- my longest longrun during training was 24 Klms done at a pace over 1 minute per Klm slower than my eventual race pace. Having done it twice now, I am not sure that I will do another. Looking more at 10K's next year.

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Thanks for that and the information on your pace. I'm going to continue on focusing on the stamina/distance rather than the speed 😊


Have you done the free stepping stones podcasts with Laura? ☺


No I haven't, is it still available? I did my C25K through the app which isn't there now


Hi Needing-answers , Im doing one in October too , my first one !

I have been following a My Asics plan since after the GMR in May. I started training early, as I run twice a week so the plan was worked out for me on that basis.

I have just finished a phase where the longest single run was 14k . I wanted to know in my head that I could run that distance non stop . I have done it 3 times now and just had to stop at road junctions, traffic lights etc .

I don't bother about pace or speed , I just concentrate on completing the distance . I am not too bothered if I have to run/ walk parts of the HM , completing it in one piece is my aim :-)

Good Luck with yours , Im sure you will be fine ! :-) xxx

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Yes it's still available. It was pinned on here on the right in blue text. If not it I'll be on nhs livewell website


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