10K & 26C & 82% RH

10K & 26C & 82% RH

Me at 5:30 AM -- with some youngsters!!!! Bit warm and humid here this morning. Got out before sunrise at 4:45AM- a bunch of parkrun friends were doing an extra -curricular run at the park , but they are too quick for me, so I decided that I would run the 6K to the park from home and then do 4k extra when I got there - arrived just in time to say "hello" as they zoomed past!! :)

I am doing nearly all of my runs as run/walk at the moment. I aim to keep my HR down below 70% of my heart rate reserve HRR . Using 30/30 ratio, I run down all hills - and use run/walk uphill until my HR goes over 70% of HRR - and I walk uphill from then onwards until the next downhill or flat bit . So - this morning I averaged a HR of exactly 130 over the 10K at 7:40 mins per K. This is a good "easy" pace for me to build up a bit of mileage.

One thing this HR training does - especially in this hot humid weather, is show you clearly how high your HR goes and how quickly it goes there when it is also struggling to cool you down at the same time!!!

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  • Blimey Bazza, I'd hate to get up at such an unearthly hour to run in that heat. Hats off to you for doing both and for looking so awake too! Great photo.

  • I am like Kittykat. If I walk I just can't start running again. I think the 'run ' walk ' run ' is much harder to do as you have to be strong and motivated to "start all over again". It is so easier to say ' oh stuff that, I will just walk back home"

  • Morning Baz! I should think run/walks are the only way to go in the sorts of heat and humidity you get. It must be exhausting to run the whole thing

    Kitty, when you go further and further the walk sections are heaven-sent. You have to walk eventually as you just run out of steam. Better to get the walks in early ☺

  • Lovely photo Bazz , you're looking as fresh as a daisy ! :-) xxx

  • re run/walk - If you are so "exhausted" at the end of a walking segment that you can't launch yourself off into a "jog/run" , then there is something wrong. It could be that you are running too hard during the run segment . Try to use run/walk as just a means to keep your HR and pace low during a LONG run.

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