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1st 10K in 12 months, no 10K training, 71YO, 26C and 85% RH

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1 hour 13 minutes!!! - had to resort to run/walking for the second 5K. But 1st and 2nd 5K's were almost exact same time. But 5 minutes slower than my best 10K this time last year which was part of a HM. Have lost quite a bit of fitness over the past 12 months. Breathing under control here - but sounding like an old steam train!! :(

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Congrats Bazza! Great picture too👏👏

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Looking nonchalant there Baz 👍💪😃

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Bazza1234Graduate10 in reply to misswobble

Not really - was just one step below needing life support!! :)

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You look relaxed ! No stress, no pressure. Fun int it 😃💪👍. Long may it continue 🙂

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Great photo. Well done!

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Well done Bazza! ... an inspiration to us all.

Fab picture! Well done 💪🏻

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Well done Bazza! Age is no barrier - you are a star!🙂

Wow well done Bazza..fab pic looking good, an amazing inspiration

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Well done that man! Thought you would be at the Commonwealth Games Bazza! 😊

You're back! Looking good. Well done. 🍾👏🎉

Hope the IC never sees you again.

You really can't keep a good man down.

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Fantastic, very well done to you! You must have been super speedy at full fitness, that would be my time running full on every inch of the way! :) Great stuff.

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Well done Bazza, you certainly seem back to fitness. There was something on the news here recently about the number of more mature runners in Australia who head out in such temperatures/humidity and do so well. Over here, we'd get praised for braving the rain and mud.

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Bazza1234Graduate10 in reply to ancientrunner

I don't do "running in the rain" :)

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Impressive, Bazza! Well done, and great pic :)

Fantastic Bazza, you’re looking good. Glad you got that breathing under control even if you did sound like a train. 😀

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Brilliant, well done and great photo :)

I take my fluorescent green hat off to you!


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