Warm duvet v running

Warm duvet v running

I havent been sleeping well lately ( busy life, lots of stress) and today was an early 5k on my schedule. I had arranged to virtually run it with a friend to spur me on.

My alarm went off at 5.45 and I just DID NOT WANT TO GET UP. I then texted to say it was a no go and I got nothing back... So I layed there having a huge debate with myself and also feeling bad about the no show. So I made myself. I counted to 30 and then got up, put my stuff on and went out. I loved it, I pushed and put my music on full blast and before I knew it I was home wondering if it had all been a dream!! I have to say I have been fine, I don't feel tired, my brain appears to be working and I have got lots done at work so far.... My friend almost didn't go when they got my text but we went for it. I did it in 29 mins so I am happy with that.

Having a virtual running bud helps in those duvet loving moments, and also no matter how much you dont want to do it, it will make you feel better!!

Pic is post run and just about awake but very alive :)

Next milestone- to conquer the treadmill. We dont get on and I am so scared of it and of people laughing at me in the gym ,but I need a fallback for winter training, any tips??

Happy Panthering


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  • Cant believe anyone's laughing at you in the gym??? If so, more fool them JJ...

  • Awww thanks... But honestly they really scare me! All coiffured and beautiful, and im a car crash!!

  • Just proves then that theyre not there to work theyre there to look pretty xxx if i ever walked into a gym id go run next to the person with sweat running down their face and looking like a car crash because thats the person whos pushing themselves to better health and not just there to flounce around going "look at me"

    Ignore them and know that your there to panther and i know whos going to be fitter at the end if the day 😊

  • Thankyou, I have to admit I find them just a little bit scary, they are so well turned out too, and theres me in my muddy trainers and uncoiffurred hair!!

  • best way to be JJ !!

  • Laughing at you in the gym? They wouldn't dare!

  • Thankyou... But I think they do!!!

  • I'm more of a pussy cat in the gym, its not panther territory at all. Put me in the woods and I'd happily scare anyone!!!

  • Yeah, I had the same thoughts as Anaverageman - anyone laughing at JJ at the gym? Clearly they must be to local village idiots.

  • Awww thankyou... If only you knew!!!!

  • Well done for getting out. I should have run yesterday but the duvet won. I postponed it a day and ran this morning instead. I find that, when I do get out, I don't regret it. It's just hard to get through the front door on some mornings.

    As far as the treadmill goes - I've no idea. Treadmills and I don't agree. I managed to avoid them completely last winter. High stepping through the snow was interesting and I had to truncate a couple of runs. However, looking through my diary, I managed a minimum of 3 runs a week every week from December to March. I know it wasn't a cold winter, but I'm intending to do the same this year.

    My only tip for treadmills is to be careful on them if you have a power cut. The lights went off and my treadmill stopped. I didn't. I went over the bar and ended up in a heap in front in the dark. I've never been back on one since (apart from gait analysis).

  • Ouch... And im so glad it's not just me. I hate them and I think they hate me. I watch people at the gym and they look so comfy and at ease... More how I feel when im outside. I just look silly and so uncomfortable!!! I just feel like I need to get this and fuc****g nail it or it will hang over me!!!

  • I think the gym is so much harder. That whole rigmarole of getting ready and getting there and then staring at a wall and then getting home etc. Snore! Would much rather just get out in the cold :)

  • well done on joining the gym, it is a scary place!!

  • The key is to find the optimum time when you can get up and go before your brain realises what is going on :D

  • Thats my ploy exactly

  • On the whole treadmill/no-treadmill thing... I found last winter that there were a couple of weeks where we had a thin thin layer of "black ice" on the country lanes. While I can imagine putting studs on a pair of shoes and running in snow, I quickly learnt that there is no way I can walk safely - let alone run - on invisble ice. So if we get a similar winter, I shall be visiting the nearest town's gym and use their treadmills.

  • well done, and thats just it, having a plan B is always good...

  • Great action picture, love it! Well done for throwing off the duvet after arguing with urself for a while! Sometimes my best runs are when "I just don't feel like it!" I love running in the countryside especially on grass but last time I tried, nearly slipped over and was caked in mud. Trying to find firm tracks I can use in the winter.

    I have a treadmill but don't enjoy using it really but if the weather was really bad could listen to a podcast or watch an interesting to programme to help the time to pass I guess

  • Thankyou...and thats cool you have one at home.... :)

  • Well done for getting my up and at them today. I went out later and it was freeeeezing so can't imagine how cold it was at that hour. treadmills I don't mind them start off really slow and Increase the speed as you find your balance. I find if I start too fast my brain gets confused and I just struggle with the whole thing. I actually start running at a walking pace until my brain thinks god this is slow then I start upping it. Good luck.

  • Yes - this is the only way I cope. Start slow and build up. I also just tell myself I only have to do 20 minutes and then I've done my penance and I can get off! Emergency use only!!!!!

  • Thats good advice, thankyou.... I still havent tried it again!!!

  • I agree with REALFOODIECLUB. From my admittedly limited experience, I do think that there is something to be gained from using treadmills and I am actually looking forward to spending some time with them soon ( although running on a rocking and rolling treadmill is a bit tricky!! :) )

    I think also that you can't really expect to spend very long times on a treadmill as we are accustomed to when running outside - so therefore plan to do fastish intervals rather than long runs. The heart rate monitor aspect of treadmills also allows for running specific periods at advanced HR numbers - start off at a short time at an advanced number and slowly work upwards, etc. They are just another way of keeping up cardiovascular fitness when you cannot run outside!

  • good advice, thankyou....

  • Well done you. My duvet won this morning. :-(

  • I've been on a business course all day and sat there wide eyed as they've bought in a sports psychologist to talk about exercise. He asserted that moderate exercise boosts your resilience and concentration. He said it was the best stress buster there was. Thus, this morning you made the right call :)

  • Id say...good advice :)

  • JJ wear your "Paris Marathon " t-shirt in the gym and leave the others gawping in awe!

  • nice plan... I will do that and do lots of pointing to it!!!!!

  • Hi Juicyju,

    I did my C25K earlier this on the treadmill - I'd never been on one until a few months before, so I can sort of understand where you're coming from. I thought I'd try and give you practical input to help you overcome your treadmill-phobia :-)

    Quick question: is yours a big or small stride? For this, I'd stick to as small a stride as feels comfortable - almost like the "army shuffle" - very low knee rise and feet pick-up.

    (1) start VERY slowly - slow walking pace, an amble :-) - 3-4 km/hr.

    (2) Get comfortable with that for a minute or 2 and then increase the speed to a faster walk, say 4-5 km/hr.

    (3) you can see where this is heading can't you? ;-)

    (4) at about that same speed setting, switch from a fastish walk to a very easy jog, and keep the strides short as per above.

    (5) when you're comfortable after a few mins, increase the speed to say 6 or 7 km/h and keep the strides short!

    And see how that feels and report back to us :-)

    Good luck!


  • Fantastic advice and I will definately try that, sounds very sensible and doable too :)

  • Great - please let us know how you get on with that :-)


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