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A successful "warm" run


Hello fellow runners!

I went for my usual 6k run yesterday at 4.30pm, but had to head back after 1 lap of my usual Thursday route. The temp had hit 28c and I was really struggling. I managed 3.69km at 4:47/km, so better than I thought, but a disappointing distance being the shortest run since graduation. At least I started to break my new trainers in.

A bit cooler today, so after procrastinating about going out at lunchtime with the running club at work I decided I would go to make up for yesterday and I stuck my old trainers on, just in case we did the longer route. There was a record turnout of 5 runners today, and we did do the longer route. I did way better than I expected as the other runners have all belonged to this club since long before I even started running last October.

Matt (the coach) and I set off chatting about running in the heat and we soon pulled out a significant gap up the first hill and looped back behind the others. Further along the route he added 2 additional diversions adding a few hundred extra metres for me and himself, while the others continued on the usual route before we caught and passed them again. With 1.5k to go he looped back again to pick the other 3 up and I said I was too tired to loop again, so he said to carry on and he'd catch me up towards the end. To my surprise he didn't catch me, and when I stopped he was a good 50-75m behind! He said he'd picked up his pace for the last km to catch me, but couldn't get close. He was as surprised as I was!

I am VERY happy with that run :)

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Impressive once again Mike 🤗

You’ve definitely got a HM in you for sure 🏃🏃😊

MikeJones68Graduate10 in reply to TedG

Thanks Ted. I really don't enjoy running in the sunshine though!

TedGGraduate10 in reply to MikeJones68

Me neither Mike. I’m doing the Oxford Town & Gown 10k in May.....of its anything like this I’m going to struggle 😓

MikeJones68Graduate10 in reply to TedG

I hope it cools off a bit for that. I'm glad I haven't entered the Flitwick 10k this month.


Haha yeah you don't do slow do you?! 🤣

MikeJones68Graduate10 in reply to Clairecandothis

It's my super bat powers........

TedGGraduate10 in reply to MikeJones68



Sounds & looks like a brilliant run Mike...one to be proud of!! I am still working on my distance but I suppose it will come eventually...that’s a great pace there too Mike...I’m due out for a run tonight & you’ve inspired me to dig deep & run a bit further...happy Friday 🏃‍♂️💪🏻🏃🏼‍♀️

MikeJones68Graduate10 in reply to Mummycav

Thank you! I'm happy to be able to inspire somebody. Go for it :)


Great run Mike and so speedy.... I think I am built for distance and not speed... my speedy days are long gone:)

You do brilliantly!!! Very well done:)

MikeJones68Graduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks, Floss. I think you do pretty well yourself! I'm certainly no sprinter, but between 5 and 10k seems to suit me :)


You are naturally speedy which is a great feeling ( not one that I can relate to!!!!). Well done, and look after those legs so they serve you well 😎

MikeJones68Graduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks Ju-ju. If only they weren’t so skinny!

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