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Mother Dignosed with stage 4 MBC


I am writing this post on behalf of my mother, 47 Years Old Home Maker.

She was dignosed with early stage breast cancer on 04-July-2013.

With ER 60 % , PR 60 % and HER 2 Equivocal.

It surely has been a life changing news for us in the family and have been running from pillar to post ever since.

Coming back to my mothers situation, we are determined to give her the best possible treatment.

She had undergone right brest surgury and then we started cancer treatment under the guidence of Dr. S.H. Advani

at Sushrut Hospital Mumbai.

She finally started the chemo on 2nd August 2013.

2 Cycles of Epithral + Endoxan + 5 FU on every 21st Day

1 FEC (5 Fluoroacil + Epirubicin + Cyclophosphamide)

3 Cycles of Taxol + Herceptine on every 21st Day

3 Cycles of Herceptine alone on every 21st Day.

She was fine and we were doing bi-yearly checkups until October-2017. She was dignosed with Metastatic breast with mets in bones,liver.

We again started treatment at the guidence of Dr. S.H. Advani(Padmashree Awardee) at Sushrut Hospital Mumbai.

I have tried to find answer through the doctors as well as internet research, but yet to have complete clarity -

1. Dr S.H. Advani has suggested Kadcyla but when taken a second opinion with Dr Shona Nag (Pune), according to her

Kadcyla is last option. Metastatic breast cancer treatment should start with Pertuzumab (Perjeta) + Hecreptine.

2. Timings of PET Scans

Would love to hear some learned opinions on the same. Bit urgent as I have less time to decide.

Thank you all for going through it. All opinions/suggestions are most welcome. Wish everybody battling this terrible disease the very best.

Strength and Love to you and your family.

Her Loving Son,


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U had mentioned as early stages but in the title it's mentioned stage 4 go ahead with what ever the Dr says Herceptin is a miracle

But not sure for metasis

There is website group I am HERPositive

There are 25 year survivors are there read survivors stories

Be brave believe in God

Thanks for reply. For first time she was dignosed with ealry stage but on second recurrance (post 3 years) i.e in this month she has been diagnosed metastatic BC. I have differece in opinion of doctors.

Should we start treatment with Herceptine plus Perjeta or Kadcyla ?

This is my question

If The oncologist feels so u have to start


Dear Parimal, we all are with you, in this difficult time. This forum is a support group and not for second opinions at all.

My suggestion is, if at all there is confusion, you can approach the Medical Oncologists at Tata Memorial Hospital and you will get an unbiased opinion. They now have a new online second opinion system called ‘Navya’. Alternatively, you can take your mother to Tata and opt for an ‘opinion’ paper, whereby, on the same day, without being asked for any further tests, you will get an opinion on further treatment based on available reports.

Thanks Sumit for the reply amd Tata Memorial Info. I am taking the second opion as well. Trying to find here if anyone had in same situation before.

What was her stage,any nodes were positive and lymphovascular invasion present when she first diagnosed.

parimalpbi in reply to Ch_balaji

16/17 lyphmodes were positive. FISH was positive

hii parimal . you have mentioned that your mother had done yearly checkups . does that means pet ct scans or normal tests ? because doing pet ct scans at regular intervals detect earlier stage of cancer regrowth as she was earlier diagnosed with cancer and she was under medical supervision. i pray to god that she will get soon well ... stay strong

Hi Parimal, hope you were able to take a right did the hospital miss the relapse while doing the test regularly and let it go to stage 4

Ww were doing regular checkups. No sign till April 17. And suddenly in oct-17 stage4. Having asked the question why nothing seen till april-17 they had no answers.

That's a scary situation... hope everything works out fine..

Just to update the course of action we have taken : we started with hertuzumab + pertuzumab + docetaxol.

kameta in reply to parimalpbi

Hi Parimal,

How is your Mother doing nowadays ?

I hope all is well on your side.

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