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Breast cancer stage 4 treatment continues

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My wife is suffering from metastatic breast cancer stage 4. Her treatment from 1st week of May 2018. After 8 cycles of chemo drugs she is treated with Hertraz and Capicet. Pet scans done in March and June 2019 shows that there is no cancerous evidence. I want to know that how long she can survive. Can she fully recover from cancer. Kindly help me. 🙏

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Be positive is unpredictable...take one day at a time n enjoy your present. Nobody can predict the future n guarantee u. So plz try to live in present...I know easier said then done.

Support your wife

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Bhavika23 has aptly said above. I know it’s always a hanging sword, the feeling that it could come back one day. But see the positive side. In spite of stage 4, she has responded so well, that PET is clear of any visible cancer. Keep up the hope, don’t worry. Enjoy every moment of life.

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Thanks sir 🙏

Dear, I am a cancer survivor while my wife suffers with locally advanced BC and has under gone 16 cycles of chemo and is due for mastectomy in 3 weeks. Similarly worried I have used google to try and get anwer to the same question and looks like the chances of it coming back is about 17-18% only. Be positive and enjoy life.

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Do try to stay away from Doctor Google! There is way too much incorrect and dated information there. A good resource for the medical side of things I'd For the appearance issues has a lot of good information.

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Thank you very much Sir

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