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Need help - Wife diagnosed with 1 stage breast cancer

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Recently diagnosed breast cancer -

Hi all - hope you are doing good.

3 weeks back my wife diagnosed with first stage breast cancer. she is only 33 years old.

Surgery was done and removed 2.5 cm tumor from her right breast. Histopathy path reports says - its invasive DCIS cancer and all the lymph nodes are negative.

we have planned appointment with oncologist to discuss further line of treatment.

From Initial discussion with doctor it seems she may need chemotheophy, radiation and then hormone therapy for next 3-5years.

We are very worried and concerned about our future ... Please tell us your experience if anyone gone through this and also advise us. I am from Pune and planning take treatment from Dinanath mangeshkar or Ruby hall.

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Hello Jytash,I am 37 yrs 2 yr breast cancer's good news that ur wife has DCIS.The cure rate is high.As per radiation and Chemo I think it's bcoz of size. Don't worry she will be fine.

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JYTASH in reply to liittle12

thanks a lot. Little 12..I am bit relived now ..I am at the right place at right time :-)

Great that the lymph nodes are clear! Do you have a copy of the pathology report? Does it report clear margins for the surgical site as well? It's good that the cancer was found early!


thank you pkenn for your reply.. now it seems my further path would be less stressful because all of you.

here what the report says -

Moderately differentiated infiltrating Duct carcinoma, grade II (MBR score 6 ) - rt Breast.

All axillary & Apical nodes free of metastasis.

Surgical margins free.

ER , PR strongly positive.

HER 2/neu - Negative.

few queries if you could reply that would be great

1) she operated on 24 Apr last month , yet to start further treatment. May be from coming there any timeline to start the treatment after surgery?

2) does she require chemo? because I gone through couple of links which mainly suggest Radiation and hormone therapy in this type of cases. May be I am totally wrong. please advise.

2) what would be approximate cost for 6 cycles of chemo therapy Considering 1 stage.

3) if any one from pune, what is better for cancer treatment DMH/Ruby hall.

thanks for your help !

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saravanan2016 in reply to JYTASH

hey.. my wife also underwent BCS in march 2016. for chemotherapy be sure it is FEC first three chemos not TEC. ALSO, take radiation IMRT or IGRT.

dont worry. god bless

If one has to deal with breast cancer! Then a pathology report like your wife's is great news! I am not the right person to answer your new questions. A good resource is They do have an interesting article about the possibility that starting radiation late can lead to problems later. My diagnosis was DCIS - not invasive - lumpectomy with clear margins and no lymph node involvement. I had radiation and hormone therapy. That was in 2008 with no further problems. I don't know what the thinking is about chemo for infiltrating DCIS. Hopefully Dr. Shah can give a general opinion, though I would ask your wife's doctor about her specific case.

I am in Southern California, USA, so someone else will have to address your other questions.

Keep us posted!


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Hi Jytash - My sister was also detected 3 years back. Personal opinion is not to see for big hospitals - but also see good doctors who can give you time also and reply to all your querries.

thank you Pat, Kontak !

Dr Shah - Can you please go through my question and advise on the same?


Ruby is good, but another good doctor is Dr. Shona Nag.

Dr. Shona Nag

Senior oncologist



Good luck

JYTASH, if one has to have BC, it better be like your wife's - from the report. The only slightly negative factor is the early onset age. So be positive and be supportive.

Jaytash, from your conversation it seems like your wife is in good hands.

Stay strong. The good news is that it was caught at an early stage (no lymph nodes affected).

Hope she is doing well and whatever the course or path of treatment be, hope she will emerge from it a stronger, healthier person. You too stay strong!

Don't hesitate to pester this group with any many questions. This is a very supportive bunch :)

thanks all for your support ! she is going to start her first chemo tomorrow at Dinanath Mangheshkar Hospital, Pune. It will be 6 cycles ..frequency 21 days.

Will keep you posted

thanks Again :-)

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She will be all fine, don't worry. Just go ahead with the treatment your Oncologist has suggested.

Be sure to invite your wife to post here as well. It is a great place for patients to express their fears and concerns to others who have been where she is now and understand.

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