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Breast Cancer stage 2b


Hello, All,

First of all, I would like to really appreciate the work everyone is putting around here. It is truly impressive and encouraging for many others. Thanks

Recently 2 weeks back, my mom Age 57, was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. She was feeling a lump in her right breast and decided to get a mammogram done and that is when we came to know about cancer.

She had a mammogram done in Dec 2015 which did not show any signs of cancer.

As soon as we came to know, we have got all the remaining tests done to confirm the malignancy. Tumour was in right breast measuring 2.5 * 2.0 * 1.0 cm.

She has also done Axillary node dissection and pathology report showed "Metastatic deposits of carcinoma in 1/16 axillary nodes. Perinodal spread not seen". Lymphovascular emobli : Identified.

Pet scan did not show anything other than a tumour in the right breast.

We are awaiting her test results for ER/PR/HR/Her2 in a few days.

Her Pathological stage is at T2N1Mx. She is given a histological grade of 2. MBR score 6 of 9.

I would like to know if there are others who are fighting the same battle like my mom and to get to know the treatment they have been receiving and to be aware of things we are going to face in coming days.

What are her chances of coming out this completely? Can we opt for treatment elsewhere outside India where she will have good chances?

I understand each patient prognosis is different and be unique, It's just reassuring to know that we are not alone in the battle.

She is currently being treated at Omega Hospitals , hyderabad.


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Definitely she has a chance of coming out completely, hers is an early stage disease, don't worry at all. Chances of recurrence are according to stage; your doctors will inform you on that. Just take the step wise proper treatment that your Oncologists guide you, nothing more!

No need to go abroad. All world standard treatments are available across all major hospitals in all cities in India; standard treatment according to protocol is what everyone follows.

Not only on this forum, even at place she is to undergo chemotherapy, she will find quite a few women of her age and stage. I suggest you ask your Oncologist to guide you there, about his own similar patients, with whom your mother can be in touch with.

We wish your mother a very speedy recovery. Take care.

Thanks for your words. It's truly reassuring.


Hi Neetu

Sorry to hear about about mum's cancer, but glad to see you all charged to fight this the best possible way.

First step would be to get the full picture which u almost have (apart from (ER/PR/HER 2).

Your mom.has an early breast cancer which has just spread to the armpit (axilla).

If she is ER/PR negative, or Her2 positive she will certainly need Adjuvant Chemotherapy, Adjuvant Radiation treatment and Treatment with Herceptin for one year (if Her 2 positive)

If she is ER/PR positive and Her2 negative.You have a choice :

There is a genetic test called Oncotype Dx and if your score is low you can avoid Chemotherapy completely very safely. Just have Adjuvant Radiotherapy and Hormone Therapy x 5-10 years.

If the score is high, you need to have Adjuvant Chemotherapy, Adjuvant Radiotherapy and Adjuvant Hormone therapy x 5-10 years.

This Gene test is pretty expensive and not many can afford which case majority of patients and oncologist would simply recommend treatment assuming worst case scenario.

The chances of cure look very high close to the 90% mark with treatment as recommended by your Oncologist.

Having treatment abroad is your option of course if you are based in US or UK you can certainly get treatment there if it's convenient for you. But there does not seem to be any difference in the two options other than the cost of course. Hyderabad has plenty of good quality Oncology Hospitals with highly trained Oncologists.

All the best to your mum !

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Thank you. we got the test results back. And My mom is ER, PR +Ve, Her2 -Ve and Ki167 score is 6- 7%.

I did ask her team about the Oncotype test. Currently, they are discussing with tumor board on what should be her treatment plan, but I will definitely check with them with things you mentioned as well. Hoping it will be a phase that passes away quickly.

I appreciate your quick response to my query.

Hi Neetu, After reading out your story, would like to connect with you as its exactly matching my mom's stage. My mother (age=53) has gone under MRM surgery on 8-Sept. Just got her stitches removed on 25-Sept and her Chemo will start from 3rd Oct onwards. She is diagnosed with the same stage as your mother is. But ER, PR and HER2 test reports are pending to come by 29-Sept. Please let me know if its okay to connect on Whatsapp. If yes, please ping me @ +91-9620411822

We have got the results for my Mom's Oncotype Dx test.

Her Recurrence score is 9 . Doctor has mentioned it is safe to skip chemotherapy as the benefits with chemo is just 11% where as with TAM alone is 9%.

We are skipping on chemo , any inputs/suggestions or things we should consider.

Her ER score is 11.0, PR is 7.4 +ve, Her 2 is 10.2 (-ve)

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