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Side Effects of Femara 2.5 ? 87yr old Mother - CA Breast (Diabetic & unstable Angina)

Hi :)

87yr old CA Breast Diabetic wth unstable Angina

My mother (87) diabetic since 1980 and unstable Angina since 2014 was detected with CA Left Breast Grade 2 tumor. ER positive and Her2 negative. She has started Femara 2.5 on 5th August 2016 for 3 months . Since 12.08.2016 she is complaining of sweating , lack of appetite and general tiredness which upon consulting with the Oncologist and Cardiologist have been told are the normal side effects of Femara (hormone therapy) Her diet has also been changed for the past 1 month to No Dairy, No wheat, No processed food ; am giving her Jowar, Ragi, Quinoa, fresh fruits and juices, soups, almonds, dates, 2 boiled eggs everyday and simple daal sabzi.

Please advise any additional food or herbs/alternative therapy that I can give her to counter the side effects since the medicine is vital to reduce the size of the tumour.

We are currently in Pune and my Ma is under the care of a leading Breast Cancer Specialist Dr. Koppiker and for her Heart Dr M Durairaj. Her BMD was good but still as a precaution she has been put on Lumia2K for 1month.

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Femara is a remarkably safe and very well tolerated drugs with minimal side effects. Sweating, lack of appetite and general tiredness, none of the above I feel are actually related only to Femara at all. You must consider her age factor and other issues as well, like her heart problems. Femara does cause acidity sometimes. In fact, her lack of appetite may be because of food restrictions, it causes body harm. At this age, please do not keep any food restrictions on her. Let her eat what she wants. A balanced diet is must. There is no need for alternative therapy or herbs or anything. Just let her be natural, eat a balanced diet and kee her busy.

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I completely agree with Sumeet, You certainly are on the right track with Letrozole once a day along with Lumia2k to counteract and treat possible osteoporosis/osteopenia.

Agree we normally do not advice on any dietary restriction, she should be on a Diabetic diet due to her history but there is no major correlation of food items with progress or remission of cancer.

All the best !

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Thanks :)

What is the opinion on medical usage of Cannabis or Hemp Oil ? Have been reading a lot on the net regarding its application. It is also mentioned in the Ayurveda


There is refererce on Gau Mutra and Carrot therapy as well to add a few.

These are all experimental and cannot be recommended as routine by anyone who has spent... 5 years doing MBBS and 3-5 years doing MD OR MS and further 2-5 years in superspecialisation in respective subsite in oncology.

A person who has done 2-3 years of BAMS will be the best person to guide you on Ayurvedic principles If at all u wanted to explore that.


Thanks :) for the suggestion, will look for an experienced BAMS Doc to SUPPLEMENT Ma's ongoing hormone therapy.


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