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How do you see yourself in a years time?

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I know it's difficult to look to the future in any way right now, but I have this feeling that this is the way to get through some aspects of despair that lingers with grief. So, I am making a list and if you will add one suggestions to it, we'll see what we have come up with together.

1. I see a kinder more patient me.

Chloe <3

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2 hopefully more at peace.

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chloe40Administrator in reply to kenster1

I really hope so x

Hopefully in a better place mentally and also settled in a new place.

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Bigneil1

That’s sound really positive, great 😊

I hope a healthier me; physically, mentally and emotionally.

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Abrecheisen53

Absolutely! and I'm there with you <3

me too x

Thats difficult to answer, I guess if I’m being honest resigned. Really missing my lost loved ones. More so than friends & family who are still at the end of a phone etc.... in a years time the same I reckon. Which is sad.

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Caza

HI Caza

I can understand you're still missing lost loved ones, it's especially at the forefront of our minds when we are faced with exceptionally worrying circumstances as we are at the moment. There no harm is reflecting in fact it's good to do so, and it's comforting and that's exactly what we need to get us through right now, so take heart, when life is back on track your thoughts may change <3

Chloe <3

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I feel that I will be a lot better at dealing with things that upset me identifying what they are and why.

Not believing those who are full of promises after I was stung by the government last September getting led to believe September plans were going ahead but no they weren't when the door was slammed in my face at the last minute!

Better able to wait as often the best thing is to wait if you aren't sure of anything.

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chloe40Administrator in reply to Hidden

How strong and patient you've become Hidden Brilliant!<3

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Hidden in reply to chloe40

At that toxic job I was told to learn some patience and how i couldn't have everything I wanted which I feel was a put down rather than constructive criticism when things had turned nasty after I had been refused a couple of hours of unpaid leave to have gone away for valentines that February and with me that had been the final blow with that place!

It wasn't the changed plans in themselves that had upset me no what it was was that they were unfair over that which did!

If I was manager I would have tried to have fitted the member of staff in and if I really really couldn't then I would have said no as a last resort as in no way would I want to have a staff member unhappy like I was.

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