Mouth Ulcers

Hi Guys,

I have been suffering with mouth ulcers since September and have tried everything on the market, but whilst in Boots on Saturday I notice a mouthwash that I haven't tried its called (GENGIGEL HYALURONAN) I had about 11 ulcers on Saturday and this morning they are all nearly gone.

Just thought I would share this with you Guys and hope it works for you also.

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  • Thanks so much for sharing! I have a 'medicine box' with all my just-incase-I-flare-up and this will be added. so good to hear reviews on meds for this specific syndrome :)

  • thanks for that will give it a go have lots at the moment

  • I have yet to find a successful treatment for my mouth ulcers which flare up maybe 2-3weeks out of every 4 so I can't wait to give this a shot!


  • Hi Guys I'm from Australia. I have always found a product we call SM33 very helpful. The main ingredient is rubharb extract.


  • Thanks for info I am definitely going to give it a try as I have had them really badly for 4 months now and have even tried the steroid tablet mouthwash prescribed and althogh has helped has not taken them away.

  • Hey thanks from me too. I use Bonjela Complete Plus which does offer some relief from the pain. I tend to get about 4-5 ulcers at a time but I always seem to get 2-3 huge ones that outlast the rest. I currently have two which are the same size as a UK 1 penny piece. They drive me insane so if your cure works I will be over the moon.

  • I am never without mouth ulcers so this is definitely one I will try. I use a steroid inhaler which is used for asthmatics, I spray it directly on to the ulcers and this really shortens how long they last.

  • hi i have all ways use corlan pelet which help after onde day pain go away

  • Thank you so much for your post. I have just found (after much hunting) Gengigel mouthrinse and gel. I am not saying it is a cure but it has really helped with the pain and seems to have shortened the time in which they are present.

    I may be wrong - may be a placebo but for now it is working!

  • You can get Gengigel mouth wash and gel on a prescription from your Doctor.

    Glad its helping.

  • I take daily vitamin B tablets. They help long term.

  • ORALMEDIC, thrush treatment is a revolutionary new product with a different level. HybenX active substance, the pain of sores in one application only, removes in seconds.

  • Hello I am new to this site.

    Before I was diagnosed with Bechets I suffered so badly with mouth ulcers constantly. On the tongue, gum back of throat and cheeks. After the diagnoses my Proffessor prescribed a 3 in one mouthwash that I have to make up started with 4 times a day and now onto 2.

    It is made up of doxyclycline, betnesol and Nystatin. After suffering from up to 20 ulcers at a time I have not had a problem for over a year. The only time I get one now is after a trauma i.e. going to the dentist or eating a crisp that nicks the cheek. I am on this treatment long term. It has changed my life!

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