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good news bad news & positive outlooks

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Haven't written on here on here in months though I have been reading regularly. My quest for a Behcet's diagnosis is going to be going on the back burner for a while. Been having a LOT of problems with my stomach in the last 3 months and yesterday, after my 5th hospital stay, they finally found out what was wrong. My cancer is back. I had my large bowel removed 3 years ago and after 6 months of chemo they thought I'd got it. Unfortunately it's a genetic cancer called FAP and it's in 4 or 5 spots in my stomach lining. If they operate to remove it there's a chance they could miss another one that isn't visible could involve 1 could target an organ and that's too risky. So I'm back to chemo. They say it's inoperable incurable but treatable. My answer was I won the 1st round 3 years ago I'll win this one too! Told them I don't want to hear any numbers, I've lost too many people who have been told they had x amount of time to live and they've lived exactly that long hat's NOT going to be me! Sorry this is SO long but any positive thoughts and prayers you can send this way would be really appreciated but no doom and gloom or horror stories please LOL <g>

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Positive outlook really helps. Keep it up!

Thankx Magician. Words like that are magic to my ears

All I can say is you can do it. Stay strong and positive, surround yourself with lovely music, colours anything that makes you feel relaxed. Enjoy some good books, watch funny films any positivity and stay in touch with us on the site. Let us know how it's going and catch our vibes and prayers and wishes for you.



Thanx Billi. Will keep intouch once I know whats happenning. 1other piece of good news I got is all the docs & my insurance co are okay woth me going on a US hol I have for later this year so although Im not on my feet yet I will be by the time Im going Im dancing in my bed lol

Keep on dancing and singing.......I do every Saturday when we switch off the telly and put some 50's 60's and 70's music from the iPod. Boy do I enjoy the dance moves for all of 10 minutes, the singing for about 20 minutes and the music for the rest of the

I really admire your positive outlook and you are an inspiration to us all - I practice Angelic healing and meditations to help me with my illness and I will pray to Archangel Raphael to help you too. Thank you for sharing your story. X

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My sister has BD. She was diagnosed with cancer in May 1990 and told she probably wouldn't make the next Christmas. She has had it back 4 times since and has been clear for 5 years. Luckily she didn't believe them anyway and has always made the very best of life, just as you do.

However well meaning and knowledgeable docs are, I think the attitude of the patient is as important as the diagnosis/prognosis - as proven by your goodself.

Mind you don't break the bedsprings!

Positive vibes and prayers winging their way to you.

I can't beat Tigs real life example but I can echo the good will wishes. Positivity has such a huge effect on our well being .

Very best wishes Jill

Warm thoughs and hugs! Of course you are going to win this round too!

Hi there Khidax

I was facing a possible cancer diagnosis myself recently and know how much in can take out of you just worrying.

One thing I did notice was that all the stops were being pulled out to get things done and find the results. I see many people having treatments for cancer while I am having my infliximab infusions.

What has amazed me while I have been watching their paths through their condition and treatment, is the bodies amazing gift for healing itself.

It seems that you are in good hands where you are and that you are getting the best possible treatment for this wretched disease. Please make good use of us here if you feel the need as although we are a small bunch we do have a lot of positive thought and support to give.

I will be thinking of you...especially tomorrow when I have my infliximab again

Good luck with it :)

I'm echoing the wonderful sentiments above! Positive outlook and positive energy and thoughts I have witnessed as a nurse, really does make the difference in peoples journey through treatment and recovery. I admire and look up to these souls who can keep smiling through their battles- but I swear to you- they are the ones that come out ahead of the pack and stronger for their positivity! Sending healing vibes and prayers your way- all the best to you;) Never be afraid to grab a nurse to talk about your questions,thoughts, feelings and fears......that's what we are there for! A soft shoulder to land on. That's what I miss most about being off sick- empowering , comforting and reassuring clients/patients. So like others above have stated:FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT to us out here!



I cannot thank everyone enough for their support, positive attitude and stories of success. I will try to be more active once my body gets used to the treatment they have planned for me. For now I'm trying to get my appetite back by taking the Dexamethasone they have prescribed me. This group is like a kitten, it looks like the cutest, most defenseless member of the feline family but it can purr and roar louder than some of it's adult equivalents. Keep roaring guys and I'll talk when I next have news <g> lol!!!

Hi khidax


YOU must.....ROAR like a it what you're made of.....

Positive vibes being sent your way.........Remember to smile and laugh (even when you are knackered) it will fool your body into thinking its well!!!

With love

butterfly_ xx

Thanx butterfly appreciate ur message. Battle will b met when I finish the steroids & Im determined the enemy will b vanquished!!!

Wow .....I think you would make a totally awesome opponent .......Your enemy will be quaking in its boots!!!

I shall think of you with "all your guns a' blazing" ......

Hope you have a nifty set of armour.....something sparkling dazzle them !! lol xx

Don't forget if you run out of ammo ( in the sense of strength...emotional and physical) upon your friends here to guide you thro that rough patch of the battle.


Hi Khadix , I have just read your post and I must admit you filled me with so much admiration for you, due to your fantastic attitude , determination and positivity. You sound like a fun loving person and I know that you can fight this, yes it will be hard at times but you seem the type that likes a challenge, nothing going to get in your way. Just look forward to going on a nice holiday and paint the town, look forward to hearing all about it. I will be thinking of you and you will be in my prayers, lots of hugs and best wishes to you and here is to a fab holiday and an even better future. Positive thoughts and wishes from OorWullie. xx

Thank u so much. Luckily the holiday is before the chemo so I should get to enjoy the sunshine & sight seeing before bracing the dreary Scottish winter. Guess the heating bill is going to be one of the roars lol

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