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Behcets and swollen lymph nodes?

Hello everyone. I am a 30 year old female and was diagnosed with Behcets 3 years ago. It's been an extremely long three years! I have had recurrent flares, on average twice a month. I get oral and vaginal ulcers, fevers, night sweats, body aches, joint pain and occasionally colonic ulcers. Well yesterday my right shoulder was achy. I honestly thought that I just pulled a muscle. Today it is much more painful and swollen-my mother is a nurse and said it was a swollen lymph node. I'm going to go see my doctor tomorrow but was wondering if anyone has had any lymph node involvement? This is a new symptom for me so not even sure if it is related to my Behcets. Help please!


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Hi M

My lymph glands/nodes go up and down virtually all the time and have done for many years.....Dr's have always put it down to the Behcets or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I was first diagnosed with over 20 years ago.....I think for me it is natures way of telling us to slow down and I tend to take more rest and care when it happens.

It is always important to get these things checked out. Especially if you are on Immune Supressants as this can be a side effect of them.

A few years ago I had an MRI scan to check this out and thankfully nothing was found.

It is a horrible disease to have as it really seems to attack people in so many different areas and can change in symptoms over time.

Hope this helps and you start to feel better soon


Hello yes I have lymph node problems I have just had a mammogram and ultrasound for a lump under my arm and they have said it is an inflamed lymph node better than the alternative I suppose !!


Hi there, this happened to me in January this year. I developed 4 sore hard lumps from armpit down towards the inside of my elbow. Very painful and made lifting my arm difficult. Prof Moots at Liverpool C of E checked these over and considered these were BD/ due to me being run down. They did disappear entirely after about four weeks.

Good luck!



Hello. It sounds as if the answer is sadly, rest, rest, rest.

Swollen lymph nodes are a symptom of your body fighting an infection somewhere. If you are on immuno-supresants, they may the reason your body has decided to do this to you.

Good luck with your GP. I hope he/she is aware of the range of symptoms BD can present.


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