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Strange Feeling in Tummy (dread? anxiety?)

Hi Guys!!

You are all so great at helping me out and I love this forum! I have GAD and am in therapy and have been for nearly 3 years!

I was wondering if anyone had this feeling Iv got. I am real happy at the moment, just pottering around the house (got the day off work) have slept well and am keeping everything in order but I have this terrible feeling in my tummy (its been present all throughout my treatment and therapy, it comes and goes), A bit like when you get to school and realise you have forgotten all your homework and youve got an exam youve not revised for!!

I often get this feeling, deep in the pit of my tummy, I try to ignore it and carry on

but it does drive me to distraction sometimes,

I am going to have a bath and do some deep breathing exercises, but I know its hiding in my tummy!

Does anyone else get this and how do they manage it?

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Yes these symptoms are common, I've had them, sometimes because I'm anxious, but also when I'm excited.

It sounds like you are doing very well. I would manage it like all the other symptoms,

Accept it firstly, and as we breathe, close our eyes, and we send the feeling of love into the area, allow it to soften, gently.

ItI get IBS as well :-) and mange it the same way.

You do sound like your managing all the other symptoms so well, dont allow a little one, undo all that good work

Wishing you well




Thank you for your kind words. It always nice to hear other people in the same boat!!!! acceptance is always the key!!

peace and love to you also



Hi there , I know exactly what your describing when you say you have this awful feeling in the pit of your stomach . What you are experiencing is one of the many symptoms of anxiety . The feeling of dread the stomach churning its all part and parcel . I get it to but with nausea as an added bonus . It all starts with our thought process we think something negative and it kicks of the adrenalin that floods around the body making us feel awful . Allow it to be there pay it no attention as the more you worry about feeling the way you feel the worse it gets . The whole vicious circle of anxiety starts all over again . If you have time check out Paul David's site Anxiety no more it's fantastic and as some one who suffered for 10 years and recovered he knows what he's talking about .

Hope this helps



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