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Can thing get any worse?

Every time when you think all is going well, something just comes and knocks you down again. I feel as though every time I put an effort into helping my self overcoming panics something comes and takes the confidence away. Today I'm soo affraid just can't make this feeling go away its become intense and its just putting me down and making me feel hopeless and that is just adding fuel to my panics and marking things more worse, I mean can things just keep getting worse. Sorry if I'm not making sense I'm just a little on edge.

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I no how you are feeling , try & be reassured , it does have its up's & downs & we do get knocks that makes us feel like we have been set back , but I think its part of getting well , even though I no that doesn't help & sucks

But , try to keep in your mind that you have been doing well , &you are far from hopeless

Try & have some you time & do things to make you feel good while this passes & it will , don't see this as its forever , because it will pass again

You no you are not on your own , & you are showing how this can be , which is a help to others , if they are feeling this way

You are been true & honest , you are doing the best you can do , that at times is all we can do , the best to OUR ability , as long as we keep doing our best , we will get there

Hope the better days are not to far away





Hi, lovely comment from why why. Totally agree. We all have set backs and bad patches but they do pass. Just keep going and try to relax and plan some things you enjoy. I have experienced it too and always pick up. Xx



Yes, as said above, and don't try to fight or get rid of anxiety.

The wierd thing is, if we do fight anxiety, its gets worse, so accept the thoughts, sit down with yourself, and make friends with your thoughts as it is you that is producing them, nothing or no one else.

Understand any symptom is not dangerous, its just very unpleasant, so we sit with it, allow it to wash over us, accept it float through the pain, with as much acceptance as we can, and let time pass, it will take as long as it takes, however it will subside.

Key points are, its not dangerous, face, accept, float, and let time pass. It take a while but it works. And keep doing it, we must become a expert at it, practice, practice.

Try to get some CBT therapy from the docs, this will help you see the anxiety for what it is. And will help you understand it better.

Wishing you well




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