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No patience

Morning :)

Just decided to write a quick blog this morning. I am getting a bit frustrated with myself because I haven't 'cured' myself yet :) things so well for a while, then I have a wobble and get disheartened. Soosh mentioned something in a post that made me think. I have a tendency to look back with rose tinted spectacles, and wish I was back to my old self. When in fact my old self is no different to my current, apart from the fact I am stressing over something different :)

My anxiety had always been there, just triggered by different things. I am carrying a lot of stress at the minute, I am sole carer for both my parents, my boss and her boss are off sick, so I am doing there work plus my own. And there are always underlying issues with hubby and his family.

I am actually getting anxious as I write this, my mother in law is visiting today and the house is a mess and I am going to work!

So back to my point, I have no patience. I need to give my body and my mind time to heal.

Many blessings to all x

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im pretty sure your mother-in-law would understand that you got lot in your plate. perhaps she could help you to clean the house


Hi Tara,

So, stop..........for a few beep breaths...............put all that stuff in a bag, and throw it out the window :-)

The only place is right now, do each job thats put in front of you without rushing then when its finished put it down, no need to carry all that around all day.

One job at a time

Wishing you well




Put my mother in law in a bag and throw her out the window, nice one :) x


haha, excellent, and why not, worth a try :-)


Haha, I prefer that idea. :)


Ha ha! Will pop my mother in too if there is room! Here`s hoping! :-)

You have a lot on your plate and hope you feel better soon. Had big fall out with mother wednesday and not heard from her even though it`s my birthday! She always puts men first and never listens. X


You do have a lot on your plate Tara , I hope you can some how work out how to make some time for yourself , you could do with it , I agree its needed to help you heal

Happy Birthday blue , sorry your Mum has not been in touch , had similar with my Dad in the past , but you no what , its nothing you have done wrong , just try & remember that

Turn it into a positive , the way my Dad has been , makes me be the opposite & that can only be a good thing

Birthday hugs to you



HappY Birthday blue...have unlimited fun :)


Thank you. X


Happy belated birthday Blue! x

Hope it was a good one.


Thank you. Xx


Thank you why why. Know you understand. Have still had a good day with my family and best friend and its really sunny here. Yes thats true. I am the opposite to my parents.

Love blue.



I do the same thing; look back and think... "why am I still not her. She didn't have the problems I do now. She didn't stress out just leaving the house. She had a life". Then I thought a bit more about it and realised I probably wouldn't want to be. There's a lot of choices she made that landed me in this mess in the first place. Stupid naïve old me.

I've learnt a lot. I've come a long way. I actually think in some ways that I'm a better and possibly stronger person for it. And so are you, I don't doubt it. Yeah, we both might have some issues we've yet to figure out, but we're making the effort to and that's gotta count for something, right?

You're like superwoman, you are.

Pfft, a bit of unhoovered (is that even a word? :P ) carpet wont kill her. :) x

I also need to take that advice.


You mad me laugh Soosh, my mother in law does nothing but clean. I have loads of interests and find little time for domestic chores. Hubby is supposed to be a house husband but she doesn't moan at him if the house is untidy.

But I am looking at her with loving kindness and forgiving her. She must have a boring life to be so concerned about mine. :)


That's probably the best way of looking at it... and even her. You're a stronger person than me, but I guess holding on to that anger would probably just make you as bitter as her, so to get annoyed with her would mean she wins.

Yeah, I'm now looking at quite a few people in my past with loving kindness. :P

Nah, I'm not that angry and bitter, I'm actually pretty mellow and easy going with my fellow humans, but forgiveness is something I need to practice a bit more. Definitely. :)


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