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On Saturday,I am going to a wedding,its my ex wifes brothers second marriage to the same person,before I go,I am visiting my ex wifes husbands daughter who is like a daughter and best friend in one to me.I class my son as her little brother even though her dad is not my sons dad and his mum is not her mum,the fact that her dad is married to his mum in my eyes makes them brother and sister.

My son just text me from his room,it said"love you" how nice is that!

Anyway,I am picking up my ex wife,her husband and little Jack who is 2 on Saturday and we are off to the registry office,Jemma (21) my ex wifes daughter but not my daughter but I did raise her and although she knows Im not her dad,she calls me dad still and I like that,she is getting a lift off Lewis (her friend) who is also giving a lift to Lilly(3) and Lolly(12) who are also the children of my ex.Lolly is my daughter but not biologically,I raised her from birth so she is mine,full stop.

After the marriage,I am giving the ex a lift to the wedding reception but her husband is not going so will probably drop him home then go to the do with my ex wife to my ex brother-in-laws and ex-sister-in-laws,still with me!

So,my ex brother-in-law is getting married to his ex wife my ex sister-in-law whom he married once before then divorced and is now about to marry again and you think your life is complicated!

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Ah, so thats 21st century living :-)


Love it. I was following.

Good test of my concentration skills too which i seem to lack lately. Thank you x


Managed to follow too! Very 'Modern Family', (on Sky if you don't watch ...). How lovely that you have a good relationship with your ex and her new hubby too... Hope you enjoy the wedding and have a great day!


what a great blog , really cheered me up , to realise that families and ex's can get on without the children being damaged in the process...

have a great time with all of your family my friend...


Ha Ha families cant live with them, cant live without them

What a lovely man you are,You should find a lady friend

to share the driving with you.


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