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A few years back

I never had a care

Everything bad wud just pass me by

Well its what i thought

Then out the blue

There came dizzy spells

Pains in my arms

Pains in my chest

Whats this fainty feelin?

Omg i think im really ill

The doctor says it anxiety

But what exactly is anxiety?

Hes gave me a name

Said its a mental illness

Hes gave me some pills

But im so scared to take them

Wat will they do to me?

I really havent a clue

Wait there theyve took away

All those funny symptoms

Theyve really relaxed me

Oh no another night

I really dread this time of day

Y do i feel worse wen im in bed at night?

I dont want to be alone

Im scared to be alone

I keep having panic attacks

A few times a day

Back at the doctors

Y do i keep crying?

Am i going mental?

I feel like i am

Please help me doctor!

More pills but to take everyday

Will they help me feel like me again?

Lets hope they do as i wanna feel normal again

Takiin these pills just one a day

Please take away these horrible symptoms

Please let me be me?

All the fear

All the pain

I just want to know while i feel this way

At last a life?

Can i still have a life?

Can i feel like me asap?

Reading a book

Gave me a boost

Its explained to me this thing called anxiety

I know what ive got to do now

I do not fight this anxiety

I just let it be

Its cant hurt me

Even thou it feels like it could

Do not avoid all the places u love

All the things u do

Take it with u

But dont let it manipulate u

As will will try all sorts

To bring u crashing down

But always remember one thing

Its cannot harm u

Its onlt a feeling

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You said it xxx


Ive just sat here and wrote it, glad u like it xxx


Ive just sat here and wrote it, glad u like it xxx


Ahh thats so nice donaf and yet so true the end verse is the thing we need to believe and hopefully one day we will thanks for sharing hun and we so no its true and all have the same feelings so we can help us all through lots of love xxxxx


Every feeling , every thought ,in your poem, I relate to it all





I was feeling abit anxious earlyer, and came on here. I thought i wud try a poem lol its from wat i felt like last yr till now xxx


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