Shortness of breath

Hey guys. Let me start off by saying ive been feeling great for the past week. Im still stressing but not as bad. Im not taken any pills because i simply do not like the way i feel on them and i want to conquer this kn my own. Now i need a little reasurance today.

When i get stressed out with the kids instead of yelling and screaming like a nut i go outside and Vape. I however am not a smoker and the stuff i vape has no nicotine in it at all. Its simply just relaxing me and an escape. But now it seems like my chest is hurting. Can this be anxiety that causes a cough or what because its absolutly annoying. Theres no way it can be from vaping can it?


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  • With anxiety your chest muscles tighten this is a stress reaction to help u escape somewhere like your in danger, but as your just sitting when this happens it tightens and then it feels like you can't breathe correctly, like you're body ain't absorbing oxygen, I used to get this, so when it happened I'd watch old videos on my phone of happy stuff to take my mind off it x

  • Its so annoying ive been so good and then all of a sudden i get this chest pain like i have a chest cold. I just sit here and play on my phone. But i still feel it.

  • How you doing Nath, still taking Magnesium or you given up on it ?.

  • Hi mate, I've stopped it now as all my twitching stopped, I've been eating a lot better and making sure i eat foods with lots of nutrients, I just make sure I drink water in the day as it's something I never done :/

  • Good to hear your on the up either way :-)

  • Hope your well mate

  • I sure am bud thanks

  • Anxiety will do this , I've had it all day today you'll be fine . It's our minds exaggerate things

  • Does it make u feel like u have a chest cold? It seems to act uo more when i start sneezing alot

  • Just be careful of vaping it can cause popcorn lungs. It is reversible but it hurts especially to breath in.

  • Whats that? Ive never heard of it.

  • You should vape CBD oil, it will relax you.

  • How do i get that?

  • Google it

  • I don't google anything. I cant lol

  • eBay or Amazon

  • Crackling sounds when you breath, kinda like a chest cold.

  • I dont have any of that. Just tightness. Its so weird to describe like it feels like i cant breathe but i can breathe in and out perfectly it just feels tight but on my upper chest

  • I'n feelimg the same thing right now. I can breathe, but I can't. Hard to describe.

  • Its very annoying i hate it so much. Ive been to drs and im fine

  • It's that freaking anxiety smh Hard to accept sometimes.

  • It really is and it comes out of nowhere

  • You could be deficient in Magnesium. Magnesium relaxes the lungs and make it much easier to breath.

  • How do i find that out?

  • You can get tests but most are pointless as your body regulates a certain percentage in the blood at a constant level. I take Magnesium daily and it helps me out a lot. They say most if not all people are deficient due to environment and modern diets.

  • Ok ill look into it. What made you want to buy magnesium?

  • I read somewhere that defiency leads to anxiety, depression panic attacks and mood swings.

  • Hi

  • Hi

  • I can't say it's a cute but I feel loads better since being on a plant based diet. I think all the hormones in milk (not to mention the pus) and the adrenaline in animal meat...and all the the other hormones, had a bad effect on me.

    Check out 'what the health' documentary on YouTube. Also the gut is connect d to the brain.....bad gut, unhealthy thoughts etc.

    I just feel calmer, cleaner and more relaxed in general. I'm juicing a lot and getting lots of healthy food.

    CBD oil also will help keep you feeling calm and helps with sleep and pains.

    Best wishes

  • Hey thanks for the comment. I dont eat alot of meat and i dont drink milk really. Im very picky with foods honestly.

    Where do i buy the CBD oild and do i have to vape it in a special mod? I dont know much about it.

  • Hi, you can use it in your usual mod or buy one that you drip the oil in. Not sure what they are called. The one I got was from eBay and it's specially made for vaping and is 1000mg. It is quite expensive at around £25 but you only need a few vapes in it at a time.

    Acupuncture can be helpful too but expensive. I hope you manage to find something that helps. Best wishes

  • Thank you. Ill look into it. Im just so tired of feelimg this way. Both mentally and physically. I just dont believe its all anxiety homestly

  • Some CBD vape from Amazon.

  • Ahh they dont deliver to the US

  • This one does and you just put a few drops under your tongue !. The one I have you can eat or vape, I do both.

  • Okay thank you ill look into it.

    Question: are u really tired with anxiety?

  • You can be tired for a lot of reasons. Lack of vitamins, lack of minerals, iron, Magnesium etc. Poor diet, to much sugar not enough sleep. Depression can cause tiredness along with anxiety, anxiety is stress to the body, exercise is also stress to the body. Stress makes you tired.

  • Makes sense. Im just so tired all day and it scares me cause i could probably sleep all day and not care. But when i sleep too much i fear that something is wrong.

  • The only thing wrong with you is you're scared and full of fear, maybe you need to ask yourself why.

  • Oh i know why. Its only my kids and i & im petrified theres something wrong with me and im going to leave them abandoned.

  • Well you want to be more concerned about them having an able and supportive mother than you worrying about leaving them and being like this, it does them no good !!.. My own mother died when I was young and I survived so don't underestimate them and their ability to survive you.

  • Its just so hard anymore. I feel ok for a day or so & then im rigjt back to feeling like this. All i wanna do is cry & sleep i hate this. I thought i was getting better but i guess not.

  • You sound as though you're suffering from depression and should seek out some anti depressants from your doctor.

  • I was on meds but i stopped taking them

  • Well buy some Magnesium glycinate it has a anti depressant effect or take your tablets again.

  • Im waiting for the new meds to get filled then im going to start again

  • Good, do it and get well again just hang on in there.

  • Im trying really hard

  • If you live anywhere near an acupuncture college you can get cheap if used for research. I believe they diagnose where western medicine cannot. They do a thorough history of your symptoms and the pulse and tongue confirm a diagnosis.

    I have just graduated and a lot of my symptoms make sense now and I didn't get anywhere with western doctors. It really helps with getting the body and mind back into balance.

  • I dont have time for it thats the problem. What are ur symptoms?

  • I used to get shortness of breath, but haven't for a few months now. I still feel anxious in large crowds of people, I'm dreading graduation because of it. I just get general feelings of anxiety it comes and goes, and comes on for no reason, even with my sister or other family members.

    I suffer from an illness called Lupus and that can cause anxiety so I think it is that that causes it. In general I'm a lot better than I used to be.

    I don't have people in my life that drain me or cause me grief anymore and I try to relax and spend time in nature.

    Best wishes

  • Im starting to get better with going out. I still get really anxious which is very unlike me because i always loved going out and going places whether it be alone or with people. Ive never been this bad and i hate it. I always think i have canced and im dying because thats how i feel. I know i domt because ive had countless blood tests, xrays, cat scans. Someone would of picked it up. Its just so hard convincing myself it's anxiety. Im probably so exhaudted because i constantly worry all day what is wrong with me and i dwell on it.

    I just wanna get better and be me but i feel like that person is like a cloud of smoke now just starting to disappear.

  • Just spotted your post, Victoria. I have just given up vaping after 2 years as the lactic acid produced as a by product of the propylene glycol was making me SUPER anxious (this is becoming a well documented side effect in some people). Also, dehydration from vaping a lot can add to anxiety. It had to go in my case! I'll let you know if I see/feel any improvements.

  • Well i havent done it since i made this post and im still feelikg like junk. Im getting a second opinion from a different dr because I'm very tired and my chest is killing me and they keep saying im fine.. Theres no way im ok when i feel this sick!

  • Oh bless you, Victoria! There's nothing wrong with getting a second opinion. Sending you hugs - and let us know what the new doc. says! xxxxx

  • Thanks so much. Im half tempted to go to the ER. This breathing is hurting and i keep getting chest pains by my heart.. Today i was getting really hot and dizzy. Its like injust cant catch a break

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