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Got there!

Hi all, I finally made a visit to work yesterday, can't believe I did it. They all made me feel really welcome and said they missed me! Then went on to counselling.

So what made me have a really bad night! Feel rough today, think I was on a bit of a high yesterday, got to sort this sleep problem out then I can get through the day.

Where has the sun gone? I'm sure that helps .

Enjoy your day x

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Morning eta

Well done :) glad you managed to visit work i suppose it felt like one hurdle over. Hope the counselling helped.

Perhaps you were overwhelmed by what you achieved which in turn gave you a restless night. Must admit when we sleep well we can seem to cope with the day.

As for the sunshine :( suppose we will have to wait until Sunday as the forecast is good. When the sun shines it does put us in a better frame of mind.

Have a good day


Love Seyi xxxx


Thank you, hope you had a great lunch! x


Well done eta that's great and I bet you feel pleased with yourself you should be very proud. No surprise that you maybe feel a bit washed out today though, attending a counselling session is draining on its own. I'm glad everyone was nice to you x


Thank you Eve, hope you are having a good day x


Hi Eta,

I had a stressful Tuesday and slept all day yesterday, we mentally wear ourselves out and need to recharge. My sleep pattern is all over the place and it effects my eating habits to. It's a vicious circle.

I hope your day improves, love and best wishes and well done you. I wish I had your


I am so glad I came on here, we all sound the same! x


Well done. That's two of us back then. I'm wrung out now so it's reassuring to read that someone else has had the same experience. Must be normal then :)

Good luck with the next few days/weeks. Let us know how you get on.

Ann x


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