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First therapist session today :-)

I had my first therapy session today and loved it ! He broke down anxiety in the form of a graph and it makes perfect sense. If anyone here hasn't tried therapy yet, I recommend you go ! I promise it will help massively. After 4 months I can finally say I am feeling semi-normal again. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me any questions if you have been thinking about it. Hope you are all well :-)

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Hi Jason,

I have my first session this evening and I really hope it is going to help. My anxiety/panic attacks are effecting my day to day activities and also my sleep! When did this all start for you? Are the sessions working? (Obviously by the sound of your blog yes which is great!)

I find talking to people seems to help as you can then share experiences and advice which really seems to help me :)

Hope you are well,



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