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Last night,my Son did an all nighter,playing on xbox,laptop and stuff.Charming I thought,many of us often do all nighters that we don't want to do!Why is it that,at 15, you choose to do them! Needless to say,he is asleep at the moment so his rest pattern will be all over the place just like many of us,lovely.

Anyway,this Sunday is the Christening of my Great Nephew and I am at a loss as to what to buy him,he is only 1 so any ideas people.

My day has been ok again,went to another group today called "Here and now" similar to my other meetings,just talking about our issues and listening to others.I am realising that I get a lot out of helping others,it helps me also in some way so I will continue along this road as I believe it is good for me and maybe for you,so try it!

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