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Feeling a bit low today

Just thought I'd say hello and hope everyone is ok.

Yesterday was a bit stressful but I coped with it and went to bed quite impressed that I didn't get anxious.

So therefore why do I feel low today and appetite has dropped off again, I don't understand it.

I did manage to go to my volunteering job thismorning which was the first time for a few weeks so maybe I'm just tired as I was only going to potter about in the garden but so much happened that it got a bit busy. Seem to not have as much stamina as I used to.

Going to get out my emergency M & S lavender shower gel and talc (don't laugh, I know it's old fashioned) and see if that helps, it usually does. I can recommend it, just don't tell anyone.

Bye for Now


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Secret is safe smiling :) Lavender is highly recommended for relaxation and is suppose to be calming hope it helps you :)

Hello Caroline sometimes we all feel on a roller coaster one moment your fine can achieve anything the next bang we feel so low. I have many days like this and its crazy to understand why. Glad you went to the volunteering job this morning and like you said sometimes we use so much energy focusing and concentrating it can be draining.

Hope you have a relaxing afternoon just say tomorrow is another day :)

Best wishes


Love Seyi xxx


Thank you, you too. Caroline


i love lavender, im always burning oils and i find it so relaxing. ive heard you can get lavender tea but i dont know where they sell it. i will have to try the m&s lavender things you use. if you try and do too much it will drag you down and make you forget about the progress you have made. anxiety sucks all the energy out of us so take it easy, one thing at a time. xxxxx



I worked with the elderly for years and now have an aversion to all things lavender lol.

I love camomile. The tea does the trick.

I hope tomorrow is more positive for you, best wishes. Xxx


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