Hangovers times my anxiety by 100

I have been feeling a lot better lately, but last night I thought to myself "why can't you just be normal and go out like everyone else when they are 23 years old" so I decided to go to the pub with a few mates and got quite drunk. This morning I have woken up to find that my anxiety is worse than ever, which is annoying, especially as I thought I was pretty much over my anxiety. Anyone else have the same problem?


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  • Yes I'm terrible after drink...... the next day my heart just pounds and I have really bad anxiety...... to a point now where I try not to drink too much...

    So this is normal just to reassure you!!


  • Thanks Anne, nice to know its not just me that feels like this. I don't feel sorry for myself in this situation as it is completely self inflicted !! Thanks for the reply x

  • Me too, I'm dreadful, wake up feeling like I've done something terrible, the drinking blues affect me sooooo bad, to the point, I like Anne try to avoid, drink is a depressant and is only a good idea when your doing it, the feelings the next day can be horrific,you will begin to feel better, drink lots of water to flush it out is my recommendation, I still have a drink, but avoid it when I'm particular low, and try to drink moderately at other times, it will pass , but is horrible at the time. Remember you are not alone in these feelings and they will go...

    Sue x x x

  • Thanks sue, I will definitely take your advice. Can't believe how bad I feel right now. Drink is definitely off the menu until I am 100% recovered. Thanks for the reply x

  • Bless you. It's awful I know, the thought of it makes me feel bad....

    Drink is not good for us at all. Like you say it seems to highlight anxieties so much, and we don't need that, you will be fine though and probably feel quite relieved when it's over, usually takes me a couple of days though,

    Sue x

  • Thanks sue, maybe feeling this bad is going to have a positive impact on how I spend my weekends! ( just trying to see the positives here ) lol. X

  • Yes and also make you grateful you don't feel like that all the time, I find it does !! So can be a good thing in the realisation stakes...have a good day just chill till it passes and don't be too hard on yourself :)

    Sue x

  • Alcohol is the most common drug to use against anxiety and depression, but its a double edged sword. Cuts both ways. I have no sympathy for your hangover, :-) stay away from it.

    Maybe its a lesson well learn't.

    Wishing you well though


  • Haha, I don't blame you for having no sympathy for me :-) its probably the worst thing I could possibly do to my anxiety. I feel so stupid right now!

    It certainly is a lesson well learn't

    Thanks for the reply x

  • Hope the suns shining where you are, its just peeped out here and the clouds are breaking up.

    what a beautiful day :-)

    Wishing you well

  • It is very sunny where I am, hopefully summer is finally on its way, I can't stand all the grey and dull weather we have been having recently. Lets all enjoy it before its too late :-)

  • Hi Jason,

    Please stay away from the grogg. I got lagging on paddys day, thought I could change on the inside by changing the outside so proceeded to cut all my long hair off.

    Anxiety attack the next day was magnified x 10 when I looked in the mirror and saw a right bloody mess staring back lol, haven't drank since, well once but not drunk, Im staying away from it, it really does not help. Xxxxxx take care of yourself. Xxxxxxxx

  • Lol, we all have to get a little bit crazy every now and then, thanks for getting back to me cookiepatch, I'm still having really bad anxiety, heart pains are almost unbearable! So I will defo be laying off the grogg from now on. I'm gonna have to find a hobby to keep myself from just staying in, as that just makes things a whole lot worse! Xxx

  • Oh yes, Jason, been there, tried that!!!!

    Racing heart, headaches for days afterwards, pins and needles in the side of my face ~ absolute terror. And all I've done is have a few glasses of wine with friends!!! It never used to be like this but now, as so many people have testified, I've had to restrict myself to a couple of glasses with a meal. My body just won't tolerate it anymore.

    Hope you're feeling better tonight.

    A hobby sounds like a plan. It is really important to keep going out and socialising. (I know this even if I struggle to implement it!!!) Are there any sports you enjoy? I took a dance class when I was trying to come out of my second episode and it did help a lot.

    Best Wishes


  • Just a couple of drinks can make me wake after only 2 hrs sleep, then that's it. Plus I think it tires you the following day, which in return can make you feel low and agitated. Give yourself a couple of days to get over this.

    Having a hobby is a brilliant idea. there's nothing better than getting out of bed in the mornings and think I'm really looking forward to getting on with whatever project you've got going.

  • If your going to drink, as we all know it's a bad idea with anxiety then make sure you don't have any plans the next day. I only drink on the weekends and make sure I drink lots of water, and take the opportunity to clean my flat. If I go out I feel very on edge, it's not ideal but in time things will improve.

  • Thanks for all your replies, I hope you are all ok x

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