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My anxiety from 0-100!! 😢


Hi everyone sorry not been in here for a while, I have been doing good last few weeks.. but my anxiety has been terrible today. I have convinced I have a brain aneurysm that’s about to burst 😢 my colleague at work her brother had one last year. I have just read the daily mail and a young women died from it.

Read symptoms of stiff neck droopy eye headache, sensitive to bright light and have it all! My left eye always has a slight droop more so when I’m tired. It is stronger than my right eye and I put it down to “working” harder. Also when I have a massage always told my neck is stiff!

Have mouth ulcers on the top of mouth convinced myself it’s oral cancer 😢 now from my mouth to my brain not even thought about my painful mouth 😢 don’t know why I’ve spent my Friday night googling brain aneurism. I’m so so worried and scared that I’m a walking time bomb just don’t know how I have gone from “calm and normal” to this crazy person.

I don’t wear glasses my vision is very good but the droopy and tired and heavy eye is my left one which is a little bit stronger than the right eye: is it normal for the perfect eye to droop?

Not too sure but praying this shall soon pass.... 🙏🏼

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I went through the same thing a couple of months ago after a girl I graduated with was diagnosed with one. I constantly have a stiff neck, one of my eyes is more droopy then the other.. headaches, blurred vision, super sensitive to light! My face goes tingly and numb sometimes.. gets stiff. But my doctor looked in my eyes and said my head pressure was fine?? I wish they would have done a scan. I always think I have a tumor or aneurysm. Google is THE WORST. It will convince you that you have something that you don’t or trick your brain into developing the symptoms (that’s what happens to me)

I’m currently going through the same thing 😂 sometimes when we read symptoms our minds take us to dark places and we magically start feeling them . Google is a bad idea ! Also remember 85% of what we fear never happens :) that’s what keeps me going

I have been experiencing the same too! I have a white spot in my eye too which won’t seem to go, so I too am convinced it’s a tumour! I had an mri when I had these symptoms before and everything came back clear.

Google really is the worst, stay away! The docs told me off for googling because all is does is heighten your worry!

I hope it passes for you soon xx

It sounds as though your neck stiffness and droopy eye are things you've always had, or at least had for a long time. If they were symptoms of a brain aneurysm I imagine they would get worse as the aneurysm did.

Aneurysms are also pretty rare, especially if you're otherwise in good health. Things like neck stiffness are very common, you can get it from using a computer for a long time, for example. Common symptom and rare disease is a trap for anyone prone to anxiety, I think. Dr Google will tell us everything a symptom could be caused by, and of course it's in our nature to focus on the very rare but very serious option.

It's so frustrating isn't it? A few months ago I went through a skin cancer phase where I would keep noticing some blemish on my skin, and convincing myself it was cancer. After a while it would shift from one blemish to another. Eventually it went away because it was time for the anxiety to move on to something else. It sounds so stupid writing it down, but there we are, the fact that it sounds stupid doesn't stop me worrying about it.

I just had a look at the things I was worrying about, and of course they're exactly the same as they always were. No sign of them growing or doing anything remotely cancer-like!

Anxiousdude in reply to Damian

Omg. That is exactly how I feel about my anxiety. I feel like it switches symptoms after I decide I’m ok. I’ll go from headache. That goes away and I have numbness. The list goes on but you get it. I seriously don’t get how it’s pissible. Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind.

Just want to say how much I love you guys xx I am feeling so much better cried my guts out and felt much better. and like you said the anxiety thinks “ shit this isn’t working now what Else can I worry her about” my fingers been hurting me recently and my biggest toe hurt this morning than I’m thinking it’s arthritis! Than I refuse to go down that path! Sometimes I think I am bipolar as I am happy as Larry loving and living life than in an instant “ I am dying and not long left” my husband told me I’m having these “ wobblers” too much these days and he’s right.

I just need hearing people say your ok and your mind isn’t playing games. Old me would have booked a brain MRI but I know I can control it; and as you mentioned I think they are rare. Google said sharron stone had one but google is the devil!

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