Driving anxiety

Woke up in an ok mood. As soon as I stepped out the door felt a little dizzy and I thought ok..anxiety symptoms you'll be ok. Start driving and start to feel pressure in head..still talking to myself "it's just your anxiety, it's not real". Drove a few blocks and psyched myself out and had to turn back home..immediately felt better. It seems that my anxiety acts up the most when I have to get behind the wheel. I don't know what else to do anymore. Was taking lexapro for about 8 months and decided I didn't want to be on it anymore so I've been off it for 5 months...I'm just wondering if this will ever go away.


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  • Darleficent, it will go away. Either it will run it's course or you will get so disgusted with anxiety being in control that you will push right through it and show it, who's boss.

    A little at a time. Don't feel defeated. x

  • Thank you for your kind words!

  • Hi, it's awful when you wake up feeling ok and anxiety knocks us back again! Try sitting in the car for a while, maybe not even driving anywhere to start with, then maybe just driving around the block for a few days, building yourself up rather than throwing yourself at the deep end, you might feel you can cope a lot better. How do you cope otherwise if you don't need to go in the car? X

  • If I don't need to drive long distances I'm fine..I have to drive 45 minutes to work everyday and some days it's tougher than others. Sitting in traffic doesn't help :/

  • Darleficent, That's when deep breathing comes in. I use that automatically, when driving, waiting in line even writing on the forum. It's something easy to do, no one knows that you are doing it and it's free as well as settles your mind and body. Wish you well. x

  • I know exactly how you feel as I go through this too, I can't even get on the highway to go anywhere so I have to stay local 😟 I have a four-year-old daughter as well so it gets in the way of doing a lot of things .

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