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Will I ever stop worry about everything

I am so fed up of worrying about absolutely everything. I am fed up of having knots in my stomach, feel on edge, anxious. I am on Citalopram and i am so tired all the time. I get nausea. When i miss a tablet by even an hour or so I get dizzy, cant concentration, feel light headed, feel sick and get so angry. I just dont want to feel like this anymore, its driving me insane. Sometimes I feel as if my head is going to explode. I worry about my son all of the time, he is 11 and absolutely amazing, but I also worry that I have put my anxiety on to him. Will this roundabout ever stop, cos I really wanna get off :(

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Hi,I know exactly how you feel,I used to worry myself silly over my Son,I always used to think the worst about everything,worry if he was 5 minutes late,go looking for him when he was out playing.Everytime I looked for him,he was always fine as I knew he would be,part of it was the fact Im a single parent with no-one else to worry about.I had to stop myself worrying so much as I knew it was unhealthy.

As I write,my Son has just walked in,he is 15 now and I know I have taught him to be careful out there and he is,they are not daft.

Try not to worry,give him a bit of rope,let him learn,its hard but we need to let go and at the same time,you can let go of some anxiety.


I like you worry about everything,I worried about my daughters when thy were younger(still do worry about them)but now I worry about my grandchildren,I,ve had a bad week,I thought on Monday I was beginning to get out of this dark place then Tuesday it was back to worrying ,I am like you just fed up with it,a waste of your life being like this,I even worry about past events,they can "jerk" me awake,things that didn't happen but my mind goes into over drive with my "what ifs "


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