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That's where I was today,up on the ex's roof that is sorting out her poor tv signal.I saw the world in a different light up there and now everything is clear! Course it is!

Not been a bad day again,been busy all day,thats always a good distraction for the old angst is it not?

Sons not in,out with his mate some place,dont worry though,he's a good lad,Im lucky really,no problems with my boy.

I am still being positive about everything,I cant see any point in allowing anything to get the better of me and bring me down,I will not let it happen,end of.

This is what I keep telling myself and it is working,I have my moments but shrug them off and tell myself "Im fine" and the day continues.

Cant decide what to have for me tea though,might txt son,see if he wants a chippy or pizza,cant be bothered cooking,again!

Please try to have some sort of weekend,dont worry about ex's or work or anything,lifes too short!

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Hi Chair ;-)

When I saw up on the roof , had to look , its been a bad time on here at times & I thought o no not someone on the roof !!!!!!!

Thank goodness you were just doing a TV ariel :-D

Its the weekend , chippy & pizza sounds good & what 15 year old doesn't like a take away , well maybe some but not many

Glad you are feeling so much more positive

Can I just ask , why is your profile pic a chair , I no you said it has less wrinkles , but just wondered if there was another reason as well :-D

Have a lovely weekend





Oh dear WhyWhy ~ we're not in a good way!!!! I saw Castel's blog title and had exactly the same thought!!!!


Not just me then that's a little jumpy at the mo then Liz , never on our own with our thoughts on here ;-)



Hi Castel,

Keep your posts coming. They're a much needed breath of fresh air.

It's the little things that add up in the end.

Best Wishes



Sorry people,I did not see it from that angle and anyway,if I felt that way,I would certainly not be jumping off the roof,it would hurt!

My picture is my uncles suite,I took a pic on my phone to put on ebay and decided to put it on here also,offers around £250,cost £2500 new four years ago,bargain,cash on collection plus free anxiety advice!

Anyway,bit of bad news Im afraid,Sunita is dead,so sorry Dev but she was a dirty gerty!


Right Thank you for that , now I no what the chair is :-D

Was just going to watch corrie , sky + it but may be I don't need to now :-D Joke , I havnt actually watched it yet , but with like everything now , its been all over for weeks what happens , does spoil it a little

Hope you enjoy your take away



Your son is good because he has a good Dad and a good caring loving upbringing,a credit to you,enjoy him.


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