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Where's the support?

Hi. Just wanted to share my recent experience of my local support groups or not ! If you have read my previous messages you will see I have suffered from anxiety for many years and taken AD all this time, now on 150mg sertraline .After cutting my wrist( the very first time) some 6 weeks ago, I was assessed by the crisis team 3 days later at home,the following day the panel decided that they was not the best people to help me so passed the report onto Italk who work in conjunction with Mind.

They sent it back unbeknown to me to the team saying they didn't feel they was the best to help either!

To spare you the full story,they have passed it back and forth 3 times now, even after I have called them and spoken to a answer machine with no reply calls, stood in the foyer area on a door entry system talking to them but still no help...

The pressure this has put on me is terrible just adding to my negative feelings, I know by comparison my symptoms and how it effects my life is not as bad as others out there, but after job after job I cannot continue this way.

I was assessed again on Tuesday, but even in this meeting I got the impression they don't realise how this black cloud follows me every where and I'm just waiting for the crisis to appear again when I can't cope.

I know there's cut backs in the NHS and they have to prioritise the cases, but this has gone on for 8 years, popping pills, see GPS ,me loosing jobs creating massive financial issues,etc,etc

I just feel I have been abandoned these last few weeks, all the time off work, who probably think I'm getting support in readiness to return....

Thanks for listening to me ramble on

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Just wanted to reply so you don't feel unsupported on here either! I understand the not being supported thing,especially by the medical profession. I now feel I just have to support myself. Get myself sorted. Do you see a counsellor at all? That's helping me at the moment,well Infact I've been having counselling for a year and a half now. I rang my doctor on Wednesday about the horrendous panic attacks I'm having and the nightmares. Was told there was nothing more they could do. Good huh? My mum had manic depression and several breakdowns,suddenly she said no more and got herself sorted,she had such inner strength. My sister had BPD and after ten years she has made great progress,the medical profession said there was no more they could do. I do believe you have to look inside yourself and find the strength. Please don't hurt yourself again,just come on here and get your feelings out,it helps and we do care xx


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