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A line from a song by The Saw Doctors,"who" I hear you ask,oh I had forgotten how much I love this group.For those of you still no wiser,they are an Irish band who simply sing about life and all its ups and downs.

I sit and listen to the words of every song,I can relate to every line,I can apply the lyrics to situations in my life,"she told me once behind a tree,that she would never two time me" we have all heard that in the past,oh its funny!

Music can really take me away to a better place and you can also apply it to the here and now to make it a better place.

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Just been doing the same thing myself....playing Bruno Mars 'when I was a man' totally lovely words, takes me to another place does music, it can help...although it can make me cry too :)

Sue x


I love the Saw Doctors, I grew up listening to them, and I live in Ireland so I know who they are :)


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